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Anonymous Use & Payment

Enjoy zero-logging. We don't record and monitor your personal information. Access from the Tor network and pay with cryptocurrency for complete anonymity.

Liverado does not require any personally identifiable information for registration to respect the users' privacy. Cryptocurrency payments and Tor network access are allowed. We do not store any tracking information nor record your metadata, such as the IP address for logging in to the account. Since we cannot read your encrypted emails, we cannot serve targeted ads or sell your information. Unlike other email services, our level of privacy is enforced by design.

Data Centre & Privacy Laws

Get protected by the strongest data privacy laws in the world with a Swiss-based data centre.

Switzerland is well-known for their long-lasting stability, neutrality, political independence, and high privacy. Our servers reside in Switzerland (a country that owns the world's best privacy protection for individuals and companies). The service is fully compliant with the strongest privacy laws to protect customers such as the GDPR..

End-To-End Encrypted

Mathematically entrusted by the most robust encryption algorithms, your data is only tunnelled between you and your contacts.

The built-in encryption guarantees that your mailbox only belongs to you. Nobody can decrypt or read your data. All the messages are stored in an encrypted format on our server, unreadable by us and any possible bad actor accessing the data. They are also transmitted in an encrypted format between our servers and your devices. Since the data is encrypted at all levels, the possibility of anyone intercepting your messages is effectively diminished.

Open-Source Algorithms

We use secure implementations of AES, RSA, ECC, and OpenPGP. Known, time-tested and trusted encryption algorithms only.

All the cryptographic libraries we use and most of the code we write are open-source, just like most software and tools we use for development. Furthermore, the deployment and logs of every single release are available online. In this way, we minimise the risk of malicious actors clandestinely installing backdoors in the encryption algorithms or affecting the supply chain sustaining our service. We are open to public auditors and value each report we receive. Security specialists have carefully reviewed Liverado's to ensure it provides the highest degree of privacy and security.

Universal Compatibility

You can connect to the Liverado encrypted email service from any email app and communicate encrypted with users of other secure email providers.

You can use any email client app of your taste while being safe by connecting to Liverado with IMAPS and SMTPS. We support encrypted communication with all other email providers by sending the symmetric encryption link, and to other encrypted email providers with asymmetric encryption, following the most popular PGP (PGP/MIME and PGP/Inline) and S/MIME exchange protocols. Communicate with your contacts at Enigmail, Mailvelope, Protonmail, Tutanota and others as if you are their user. You can also send regular unencrypted messages to Yandex, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Zero-Knowledge, Zero Access

Receive encrypted emails from the server and decrypt them on your devices. The decryption password is never sent over the network and nobody can steal it. Not even us!

The zero-knowledge encryption on Liverado ensures your data is encrypted, making it unreadable to anyone (including us and anyone else) with access to the encrypted data. Using a PGP encryption key that only you are authorised to use, the data remains safe and private. It means that we do not have the technological capacity to decrypt your messages, and we are unable to hand over your data to third parties. With Liverado, protection is not only a void promise. It is assured mathematically.

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