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A privacy policy is a statement or legal document that explains how a party collects, uses, discloses, and manages their user's data. We collect the fewest we can while abiding by law and technology constrains.

Last Update: 22 May 2022


Thank you for using Liverado.

By using "Website") and services (the "Service") provided on the Website, you understand and agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Your privacy and personal data security are important to us. We have in place safeguards to protect the personal data stored with Us.

The Website and the Service are owned and offered by Liverado Pte. Ltd. (the "company", "we," "us," or "our").

This Privacy Policy explains how We collect, use, process, store, retain and disclose your personal data.

This Privacy Policy is a complement to our Terms of Services

In the event of any inconsistency between the different versions of this policy, the English version shall prevail.

To preserve the Service's credibility, we must take steps to prevent the formation of spammer accounts. Liverado IP addresses can be blocked by major mail providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc., if spammers use Liverado to send messages.

We may use human verification methods to prevent the Liverado accounts from being created by spambots or human spammers.

You may be asked to verify using ReCaptcha, email, or SMS. The IP addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers are stored temporarily to give you a verification code and decide whether you are a spammer. If this data is stored indefinitely, it is saved as a cryptographic hash that guarantees that we can not decrypt the raw values.

### Data related to visiting Liverado website

We use a local Matomo installation, an open-source analytics tool. Analytics are anonymized and stored locally (not in the cloud) whenever possible.

Data Collection

To ensure a private and anonymous user experience while using the Service, we collect as little user information as possible. Meanwhile, we do not have the technical ability to access your encrypted data.

User data collection for the Service is limited to the following:

  • Account creation

You are not required to provide personal information for account creation, but you may provide an alternate email address (non-Liverado email address) for receiving notifications and password recovery links. We will connect the alternate email address with your account if you provide it.

The alternate email address is considered personal data defined and protected by the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2012. At any time, you can remove the email address in the Settings.

  • Account activity

Due to the SMTP protocol's limitations, we only have access to the following email metadata:

  • Email addresses of senders and recipients.

  • Incoming email addresses originating from.

  • Message subjects.

  • Message sending and receiving times.

We are unable to access the encrypted message content. However, unencrypted message content sent from other email providers to Liverado users is scanned for spam and viruses to protect our users' legitimate interests.

We also have access to the following account activity logs:

  • Numbers of messages sent.

  • Amounts of storage space used.

  • The total number of messages.

  • Last login time.

  • Communication between you and Liverado

Our employees can save your communication, such as support requests, abuse reports, bug reports, or new feature requests. Collecting the data is in our legitimate interest to enable us to troubleshoot more efficiently and improve the quality of Liverado's services.

  • IP Logging

We do not hold permanent IP logs by default. But we may temporarily store IP logs to prevent misuse and fraud.

If you engage in activities (such as spamming, DDoS attacks against Liverado infrastructure, brute force attacks, etc.) and violate our Terms of Service, we may retain your IP address permanently. The legal basis of this processing is our legitimate interest to protect our Service against nefarious activities.

Liverado can be legally compelled to log your IP address as part of a criminal investigation if you are breaking laws. Please read our Transparency report to know more details.

If you allow authentication logging to your account, your login IP address will be permanently stored (until you delete it). By default, it is off. You are free to opt in or opt out of the option from your Liverado account security panel at any time.

  • Payment information

We rely on third parties to process credit cards, debit cards, and cryptocurrency transfers, so we must share payment details with third parties. The legal basis for this processing is the necessity to conclude a contract between you and us.

  • Credential for importing

When you import your emails from another service provider, the email address credentials from which the importation is performed are stored by us for the importation duration. Our system will delete those credentials once the importation is completed.

  • Cookies

We use the following cookies:

  • Authentication of users when logging in or out of our services.

  • Review of traffic on our Website.

  • Tracking the interests of the Website.

If you register with us or continue to use our Website, you consent to the use of cookies.

You can allow a browser setting to refuse some or all cookies.

However, suppose you disable all cookies using your browser settings. In that case, you may not be able to access or use the Service.

Unless you change settings to reject cookies, our system will issue cookies immediately after you start to visit our Website.

Data use

There are no advertisements on our Website. We will never share any data in our possession except in the circumstances described in the data disclosure section below. We do not perform any analysis on the limited data we have, with two exceptions:

Unencrypted mail sent to Liverado accounts (for example, Apple Mail to Liverado) is automatically scanned in pursuit of our legitimate interest in detecting spam, so we can block IPs that send a lot of spam to Liverado users and place spam in the spam directory. Inbound mail is scanned in memory for spam, then encrypted and written to disk. We do not have the technical capability to scan encrypted mail.

Messages sent by Liverado users to Non-Liverado users with encryption disabled (e.g., Liverado to Gmail) are automatically scanned in pursuit of the same legitimate interest in detecting spam as incoming email. This is to ensure that Liverado accounts used to send spam can be detected and locked down so that legitimate users' email delivery capabilities are not compromised.

Data storage

All data storage infrastructure is located in Switzerland. Data is stored on our production servers in an encrypted format. Offline backups can be regularly stored, but these are encrypted as well. We cannot access any content encrypted on either the servers or in the backups.

We transfer your personal data to Switzerland in compliance with relevant laws. Swiss privacy laws are comparable to the level of privacy covered by PDPA.

You agree that the data will be transferred, processed and stored outside of Singapore by entering or uploading your personal data on

We take all measures required to ensure that your data is handled safely and under the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act ( PDPA).

Data retention

We always retain the date for active accounts. Once you cancel your Liverado account, the data will be removed from production servers immediately.

Deleted data s are permanently deleted from production servers but may be stored in our backup for up to 7 days.

Data disclosure

We will only reveal limited user data that we have if we are instructed to do so by a fully binding order from the qualified Singaporean authorities or courts (legal obligation).

Although we may comply with electronically transmitted notices, the disclosed data will only be used in court after we have obtained the original copy of the court order by registered post or in-person and provide a formal response.

If a request for encrypted message content that we do not have the ability to decrypt is made, the fully encrypted message may be turned over.

If allowed by law, we will always notify the user first before any information is disclosed.

We may challenge a request from time to time if it is in the public interest to do so. We may not comply with the request until all legal or other remedies have been exhausted in such an event. Therefore, not all requests described in our Transparency Report result in data disclosure. The legal basis for this is our legitimate interest in protecting our services and company from attack.


By updating this page, we can change this policy from time to time. To ensure that you are satisfied with any modifications, you can check this page from time to time.

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If you have any comments or questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact our data protection officer(DPO) at

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