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  • Liverado memberships

    Liverado memberships have been carefully designed to meet the needs of everyone, from privacy-conscious users to intensive users, teams and professionals that demand the highest security and reliability. Nubo Tondro Fulmo Fulmo Lifetime Reward extra storage Upgrade and downgrade Discount and free account Limitation of free accounts: Limitation of discounts: Nubo Nubo is a standard membership that provides common features and a fair storage limit. It is suitable for occasional users concerned about privacy and online security. Limits: Quota Aliases 1 Calendars 10 Domains 0 Sending quota 50 Storage 1GB Users 1 Contacts Unlimited Folders Unlimited Virtual aliases Unlimited Features: Yes/No Action Filters Yes Auto Forward Yes Auto Reply Yes Autocrypt Yes Brute-Force Protection Yes CalDAV Yes CardDAV Yes Catch-All Domains No Cryptocurrency Payments Yes Dead-Man Switch Yes Email Scheduling Yes Encryption at Rest Yes Encryption in Transit Yes Extra ...

  • How we fight spam

    Yes, Liverado has restrictions on emails per account. This is necessary to protect our email service from spammers who try to abuse Liverado. Allowing spammers to use our service will harm all users. The Liverado domain may end up in the email spam list. So we must block spammers under any circumstances....

  • Social media

    You can find us on social media. Make sure to subscribe to our social media to get the latest news about us. From time to time, we distribute coupon codes on social media. Visit our social media now to get your discount. Twitter Instagram Facebook Reddit Quora Linkedin Youtube Pinterest Liverado is an open-source project. To know more about this project or make your contribution, visit our Github page...

  • Why Liverado is a good choice

    We recommend you read the list of articles to understand more about Liverado: What is encryption? What is end-to-end encryption What is email encryption? What is encrypted? What is zero access encryption? Differences between Liverado and Gmail Privacy policy Transparency report Threat Model Lear more about Liverado features The information tells why you may consider Liverado as your secure email provider. If you have more questions about us, contact us at

  • Pseudo random number generator (PRNG)

    This article will explain what PRNG is and solve common related problems. What is PRNG? PRNG stands for Pseudo Random Number Generator. It is an algorithm used to generate a sequence of numbers whose properties are similar to a random number sequence. Liverado will generate random numbers in multiple locations to protect your account. It is crucial because random numbers will lead to strong encryption. Unfortunately, it is challenging to generate random numbers. This is why we recommend you use a web browser with a built-in PRNG. Fortunately, most modern web browsers have PRNGs. Common issue and solution When your browser does not support this feature, the most common solution is to upgrade the browser to the latest version. It is an excellent habit to update the latest version constantly because most browser updates also include various security patches. A list of browsers that use PRNG For other login issues, you can check common login issues and solutions....

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