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Setting Tips New email notifications

Liverado has two different notification types for newly received emails. You can allow built-in system notifications or set an alternate email address to receive a digest message.

Are you waiting for an important email? The notification feature ensures that you always stay at the top of Liverado's inbox without the need to monitor your account constantly.

Liverado has two different notification types, so notifications in Liverado can refer to any of the following two types:

Email notification

You can go to the settings page and link the alternate email address to your Liverado secure email account.

We will send a message to your linked email address to notifying a new message received.

Desktop notification

The desktop notification applies to the Liveardo browser version.

Suppose this feature is enabled, and Liverado is opened in the browser tab. Whenever a new mail arrives in the inbox, a notification will be briefly displayed in the screen's lower/upper right corner.

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