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Send and Receive Messages How to configure your addresses identity

You can customise the display image, name and signature for your aliases and users. It is going to be your email address's public identity.

The signature is any text you choose to automatically add to the bottom of the email draft in "Composer". This can be your name, position, workplace or other contact information. Even if you set a signature in your account settings, you can still modify or delete each new email signature when you compose an email.

You can customise the display name and signature when you create a Liverado account or add a new email address.

You can also leave the display name and signature blank. Suppose you do not enter a display name. In that case, most email clients' email addresses will automatically be used as the display name. For example, if your email address is Your display name will be displayed to the email recipient in the form of username or

How to change the display name and signature

You can always change the display name and signature by the following steps:

  1. Go to Setting.

  2. Click Account.

  3. Go to the Identity section.

  4. Edit your display name or signature.

You can also select an address from the drop-down menu to customise each address if you have multiple addresses.

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