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  • Self-destructing emails

    What is a self-destructing email? Self-destructing emails are emails or messages that disappear or are automatically deleted after a specific period set by the email sender or after reading. Emails can be set as self-destruct emails Email communications between Liverado users. When a Liverado user sends an email to a Non-Liverado user by sharing a password encrypted message. Types of self-destructing emails The sender can set the system to delete the message after the recipient reads it automatically. The sender can set the self-destruction date of the message. The system will automatically delete it regardless of whether the recipient reads it. ...

  • Sieve filters

    What is a Sieve filter? Sieve is a programming language that can be used for email filtering. The language is not tied to any particular operating system or mail architecture. You can create filters in Sieve by writing some simple rules. For example, "Blue label all messages from Alice". Combine these rules, and you can create a complex filtering system. Create a Sieve filter Open Liverado. Go to Settings. Go to Filters. Add a Sieve filter. ...

  • Spam filters

    Some sites you've subscribed to may leak your email address to spammers. However, you may occasionally be the target of spam at random. The amount of spam you receive usually depends on where you use your email address. Liverado uses an intelligent spam detection system to filter mail to your spam automatically. But some spam may pass through our filters, and some legitimate mail may be incorrectly marked as spam. So you can also use allowlist, blocklist and custom filter to avoid spam. You can search for rules in the custom allowlist and blocklist using the provided search bar. You can move (↔) rules from Allowlist to Blocklist and vice versa and delete rules. Allowlist Allowlist allows you to specify individual email addresses and domains that will always be sent to your inbox or custom folder. The emails that appear on the allowlist will never be sent to your spam folder. To add email addresses or domains to your allowlist: Go to Settings → Filters → Spam Filter → Allowlist → Add. Select whether you wa...

  • How to avoid getting spam

    Spam is annoying. Liverado provides features that will help you fight spam. We've shared tips on identifying, avoiding, and dealing with incoming spam in this article. Use aliases or virtual aliases You may know that some websites sell your information to third parties, such as advertisers. You can tell if your email address was sold to a third party by adding a specific email. For example, if you want to join The Wall Street Journal email list, you can sign up with You know they've likely leaked your data if you get an email to this address from anyone other than The Wall Street Journal. For more information, see addresses and aliases, and virtual aliases. Upgrade your account You can create additional Liverado email addresses by upgrading your account. This will give you dedicated addresses that can be used for different purposes. For example, you can use one to register information from a website that may not be trustworthy. If you start receiving spam for this ac...

  • Virtual aliases

    Image Bob uses to for receiving all the bank statements. He can also use to for receiving invoices. In that case, Bob can easily find the emails related to banking statements and invoices if he searches the "+" in filters. He also can search "red" to look for banking statement related emails only. For now, the virtual aliases are unlimited, and you do not have to set them up in settings. All the incoming emails with your user name "+" will be automatically saved in your inbox....

  • Daily sending limits for the 14-days free trial without payment method

    The daily sending limit is 15 messages if you don't provide any payment method information during the registration. However, you can add payment method information in your account setting anytime. The system will immediately remove the sending limits once the payment information is provided....

  • Exceed email sending quota

    If you receive the following message: You seem to have exceeded the number of emails allowed. Please try again later. It means an anti-spam protection method has temporarily prevented your account from sending new emails. Please wait a day or two for sending a new email again. If you need to send more emails immediately, please upgrade your account now. However, Liverado cannot be used to send large amounts of mail (such as newsletters) in a short period. Please refer to the information on our pricing page for details. All plans have a certain number of restrictions....

  • How we fight spam

    Yes, Liverado has restrictions on emails per account. This is necessary to protect our email service from spammers who try to abuse Liverado. Allowing spammers to use our service will harm all users. The Liverado domain may end up in the email spam list. So we must block spammers under any circumstances....

  • Why are encrypted files bigger

    When attaching files to an email, you may have noticed that they appear larger in the email than on the device. Since files must be encoded and encrypted to be sent securely on the Liverado system, the file size will increase. The file will increase to approximately 1.4 - 1.5 times its original file size because of this process....

  • How to configure your addresses identity

    The signature is any text you choose to automatically add to the bottom of the email draft in "Composer". This can be your name, position, workplace or other contact information. Even if you set a signature in your account settings, you can still modify or delete each new email signature when you compose an email. You can customise the display name and signature when you create a Liverado account or add a new email address. You can also leave the display name and signature blank. Suppose you do not enter a display name. In that case, most email clients' email addresses will automatically be used as the display name. For example, if your email address is Your display name will be displayed to the email recipient in the form of username or How to change the display name and signature You can always change the display name and signature by the following steps: Go to Setting. Click Account. Go to the Identity section. Edit your display name or signature. You can als...

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