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Security What data is encrypted on Liverado

Learn what data is encrypted on Liverado and how it protects your data from malware, mass surveillance and other evolving cyber threats thanks to it.

An email on the shield connects with the server and gears representing the process of encrypting email

Encryption is the core of Liverado. Therefore, we can provide everyone with simple solutions and let them enjoy privacy. As we said in What is encryption, encryption is essential to ensure information security. Our users' data (including the message body and attachments) are entirely encrypted.

What is encrypted when sending and receiving messages?

Emails between Liverado email users

  • Always end-to-end encrypted.

Emails between Liverado email users and non-Liverado email users

Emails send from Liverado email users to non-Liverado email users

  • If the "External Encryption" option is selected, the email will be end-to-end encrypted.

  • When Liverado email users do not enable the "External Encryption" option, we use TLS to encrypt emails. Most providers the non-Liverado users use, such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc., support TLS. Please note that because these emails are encrypted but not end-to-end encrypted, Yahoo, Gmail, etc., will be able to read these emails and transfer them to third parties.

Emails send from non-Liverado email users to Liverado email users

  • Nowadays, most email providers typically use TLS to encrypt emails. Messages sent through those email providers are not encrypted end-to-end. Therefore, for maximum security, your contact may also consider owning a Liverado account.

Replies from non-Liveado email users to Liverado "External encryption" emails

  • If the "External Encryption" option is enabled, replies from non-Liverado users to Liverado users are end-to-end encrypted.

What is encrypted in the storage?

  • All emails in Liverado mailboxes are stored using zero-access encryption. It means that we cannot read any messages or transfer them to third parties, including messages sent to you by non-Liverado users. Although an email is sent to you from Gmail, Gmail might also keep a copy of that message.

  • All emails and attachments sent under enabling "External Encryption" are also stored with end-to-end encryption.

  • The subject line and recipient/sender email addresses are encrypted but not end-to-end.

  • Contact, email signature, inbox rules, invoice data, payment method, certificate and private key for your domain is encrypted.

We can read only the following metadata

  • Sender email address

  • Recipient email address

  • Date of the email

Since we are actively looking for possibilities to hide the metadata, we may be able to hide the metadata in the near future.

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