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Security How to protect your Liverado account

Liverado will never ask you to provide credentials via email or any other communication method. It is a phishing scam if you receive an unsolicited email with a link asking for your credentials.

We will do our best to ensure the security of your email. However, we still recommend that you take additional measures to improve the security of your account.

Create a strong password

Do not use a short password or reuse a password on your Liverado account. This ensures that if your other services are hacked, your Liverado account remains safe. We recommend using a password manager to manage your passwords.

Alternatively, you may use a long and unique phrase that only you know.

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Don't forget your password

Your password is associated with your encryption key, so if you forget your password, you will not be able to access your mailbox.

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Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)

2FA protects your account by attaching a unique code generated on the mobile app. You can enable 2FA in the settings.

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Beware of phishing

Liverado will never ask you to provide credentials via email or any communication method.

If you receive an unsolicited email with a link asking for your credentials, then this is a phishing scam.

Please remember: Be sure to enter your credentials only on our official website.

If you find a suspicious email, submit a report through our Help Center.

In addition, you can mark the suspicious email as spam. The incoming messages from the same sender will be automatically sent to your spam folder.

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Make sure your device is safe

If you receive an email from an unknown or unverified source that contains a link or attachment, please do not click the link or open the attachment. Especially, the attachment is a ZIP or EXE file.

Untrusted links or files may contain malware that can compromise your device and compromise your account. You can mark the suspicious message as spam which will be stored in your spam folder.

And you need to make sure your screen is locked when you are away from your devices.

Access log

Liverado records access attempts to your account so that you can check for suspicious logins.

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