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Security Account security logs

Liverado provides optional security features that allow you to view your account's login activity. You can decide if you want to monitor unwanted access or keep it disabled.

Liverado provides security features that allow you to view the login activity of your account. If you are concerned that someone can access your account, you can follow the activity in the "Authentication Log". By default, the authentication log is set to "Basic". If you choose to change the authentication log settings, you can perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Setting.

  2. Click the Security section.

  3. Look for the Authentication Log section.

  4. There are three options that Disable, Basic, and Advanced.

  5. If you make any change, you will be prompted to enter the login password to confirm the changes.


The basic log provides information about events that occurred in your account and the date and time of the event. These events can be "successful login", successful login to your account, "logout" is used for logging out the account and "login failure" when using an incorrect password.


The advanced log offers the same information as the basic log and adds the IP address where the event occurred. If the "Basic" log is enabled, after enabling the "Advanced" log, you will only see two dashes instead of the IP address. It is because the IP address will not be recorded until the "Advanced" log is activated.

Download or delete the log

After enabling the authentication log on your account, you can choose to download the log or delete the log. To download the log, you can click the "Download" button, downloading a copy of the log with the file name "logs.csv". If you want to delete the log, you can click the "Erase" button. You need to enter the login password in the pop-up window to confirm the change to clear the log.

Disable the authentication log

If you want to disable the authentication log, you can click the "Disable" button. When finished, a pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm. Click confirm, you will be prompted to enter the login password. Disabling the authentication log will also erase the log.

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