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Organisation User User roles

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Administrators can share accounts with multiple users. Standard users cannot access, view or manage other accounts.

There are two types of users, administrators and common users.

  • Administrator Your account can have more than one administrator. All administrators have complete control and can perform any actions, so make sure you trust this person before making them an administrator.

If there is more than one administrator, you need to specify an account owner -Administrator (Owner).

The owner is usually the user who created the account. The owner is liable for all payments and invoices that need to be paid.

  • Common user Any member of your account who is not an administrator is a user. Users cannot access, view or manage your account details. Users can only log in to their mailbox with their email address and password.

Unless an administrator designates a user account as a private account, the administrator can access any user account's inbox.

How to change user role

Any administrator can change a user to an administrator or switch an administrator to a user. However, you cannot change the role of an account admin owner. Follow the steps below to change the role of a user:

  1. Enter Settings.

  2. Go to Users in Address section.

  3. Click Modify in the Action column.

  4. Turn Admin on or off to switch between administrator and user roles, and then click Submit.

How does an email account administrator manage multi-users and addresses?

  • Account administrator (owner) An account administrator is the one who manages accounts with custom domains and multiple users. Administrators can share accounts with multiple users. This feature is handy for Startups, SMEs, and organisations to arrange their company emails easily. As an administrator, following the steps below, you can view and manage all organisation's addresses.

  • Go to Settings.

  • Scroll down to the Address section.

  • And click Set up in the Users section.

  • Then, you can add addresses or manage existing addresses.

  • Non-administrative users Each user has the right to use a limited number of custom email addresses assigned by the administrator, and each user will manage the addresses in their respective mailboxes. Each user has a login password. However, except for administrators, users cannot create addresses using the Liverado domain. To manage email addresses only associated with your account, you can visit Liverado settings and go to the Addresses section.

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