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Liverado allows you to add users to your account if your subscription supports multiple users. These users can be private or non-private users to restrict administrators' access to them.

If your subscription supports multiple users, Liverado allows you to add users to your account. These users can be non-private users or private users.

By default, all users are non-private users. Any administrator can access the mailbox and read their email. A non-private mode may apply to organizational compliance or employee oversight reasons.

Note: Only the administrator (holding the key) can access and read non-private user mailboxes. Liverado cannot access any user mailboxes.

Any administrator can designate a user as a private user. The mailbox and messages of a private user can only be accessed using the user's login credentials. The administrator will not be able to access the mailbox and messages of a private user.

The administrator cannot change a private user to a non-private user. You have to completely delete the user account if you do not need the private user anymore.

If private users lose or forget their password, they must use their recovery email address to reset the password. The administrator cannot change the password for them.

Designate a new user

When adding a new user, turn on the Private option.

Designate an existing user

  1. Enter Settings.

  2. Go to Users and Addresses.

  3. Go to Users and Addresses.

  4. Click Edit in the Action column.

  5. Open Private user and click Submit.

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