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Organisation User Introduction for businesses and enterprises

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Liverado benefits are not limited to individuals only. Organisations and enterprises can upgrade their confidentiality. We also offer a hosted email solution to keep your information within your domains.

Liverado does not only provides a secure email service for individuals but also for large and small enterprises. Your organization can use end-to-end encryption to secure your business communications starting from today.

Below, we provide you with an overview of the Liverado business account and how we can secure your company email communications.

Why do you need a secure email service for your business

Your employees send sensitive data through email and always assume that the information will remain secure and private. However, based on Cyber risk analytics, the loss caused by cyber-attacks has reached a record high in 2020.

Two charts show the increasing number of cyber-attacks and losses.

Image: Risk Based Security

In May 2021, a US-based pipeline has just attacked, this event known as Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

In reality, any company can get hacked and suffers the loss. In order to avoid data leaking, the best way is to protect your data starts with securing your email communication. Liverado offers a hosted email solution to ensure your information remains secure and private even if your business suffers a data breach.

What are the benefits of having a Liverado business account

Liverado only focuses on securing your email communication. To ensure this, we commit to provide you with:

  • Security. Your data is secured by End-to-end encryption with Zero access.

  • Compatability, you can connect to Liverado from any email app and connect to most external email providers from our webmail.

  • Reliability

  • Low cost

Why is Liverado business account is a quality-price choice for your company

With Liverado, you not only don't need to invest in expensive up-front server costs. You also don't need to spend a high salary hiring an IT professional to maintain your system to ensure data security.

Liverado business accounts provide simple, cost-effective pricing based on the number of accounts your organization needs. You are not required to sign up for a long-term contract. You can cancel your business account at any time.

The pricing for each user is on the Price Page. You can choose to pay monthly, but if you pay annually, the price is even lower.

How to register a Liverado business account

Signing up for the Liverado business account is easy.

  • First, go to our pricing page (you can find the business account price below the three plans).

  • Input the number of users, then click Sign up.

  • Create a Username and Password.

  • Then, you can customize your Liverado business plan to include additional users, additional domains. Storage and the number of addresses will depend on the number of users your company has.

  • Click Checkoutt to pay by card or PayPal (We also receive direct transfer or cryptocurrencies).

  • Set up your domain. You need to update your domain's DNS. One domain only allows having one primary mail server. So every email account active on your domain will need to be transferred to Liverado to continue receiving mail.

How to migrate your data to Liverado

We provide two methods for importing data to the Liverdo business account to make this transition as seamlessly as possible.

Manually download and import to Liverado. You can download your data to your local device and then import it to your Liverado business account.

Automatic import will be available soon. It can be launched from within the web application and automatically transfer messages and folders from your external email account to Liverado. Our server performs this process in the background, so you don't need to take any further action once it starts.

Both methods ensure that emails are encrypted when they reach your Liverado account. The transition is easy and risk-free.

Learn more about how to import emails and files to Liverado.

Organization administrator and user

A business account allows the company administrator to easily add, manage, assign privileges, and monitor other users.

Learn more about business account user roles.

You can also contact us at if you have any questions.

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