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Organisation User How to manage users

If your subscription supports multiple users, you can easily manage them from the settings panel.

If your subscription supports multiple users, you can add other users to your account.

  • Go to Setting.

  • Go to Addresses.

  • Click Add in the User section.

  • Enter the following details to create a new user:

a. Address

b. Display name

c. Password

d. Recovery email

e. Account Storage - You need to assign the storage a user will have. The assigned storage will be deducted from your total storage. However, you can add storage space at any time through an account upgrade.

Learn more about upgrading

f. Private — By default, you can access the emails of all sub-users. However, by changing the setting to private, you will not be able to read their emails.

Learn more about private users

  • Click Save. After this step, the new user will be displayed in your Users and Addresses dashboard.

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