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  • How to enable a catch-all email address in your custom domain

    What is a catch-all domain? A catch-all email account is an address designated to receive all mail sent to the domain's email address. For example, you have configured three email addresses for Now you decide to configure as a catch-all email account. After the configuration, any email sent to (or any other invalid email address) will be sent to the catch-all account ( Liverado supports Catch-all email addresses if you are a Tondro or Fulmo user. It is a good practice to set up your catch-all email address. Suppose you do not enable the catch-all address, and your contacts try to send mail to your invalid address. In that case, they will receive a bounce email informing them that the address they are trying to send does not exist in your domain. How to enable catch-all email address Make sure you have completed all the steps to ...

  • How to manage users

    If your subscription supports multiple users, you can add other users to your account. Go to Setting. Go to Addresses. Click Add in the User section. Enter the following details to create a new user: a. Address b. Display name c. Password d. Recovery email e. Account Storage - You need to assign the storage a user will have. The assigned storage will be deducted from your total storage. However, you can add storage space at any time through an account upgrade. Learn more about upgrading f. Private — By default, you can access the emails of all sub-users. However, by changing the setting to private, you will not be able to read their emails. Learn more about private users Click Save. After this step, the new user will be displayed in your Users and Addresses dashboard. ...

  • Liverado self-hosted and maintenance services for enterprises

    If you would like to have your secure email system, we can help you build an encrypted email system. For example, company A wants to build its email system and servers. The company does not have the expertise to build and maintain the system and servers. So the company director decides to outsource to a software company. After contacting many software companies, the company found that either it's too costly or the outsourcing companies do not have qualified experts to build a good system. In that case, Liverado can help you. Our Fees One-time fee for set up. Maintenance fee (If you need Liverado to maintain your system, typically, it's monthly). We can offer you a plan that suits your needs. Get in touch with us at You can also submit a form here...

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