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Migrate to Liverado Migrate from Gmail

Learn to transfer your Gmail account to Liverado in a smoothly way. It can include your emails, attachments, calendars and contacts.


Transfer existing email addresses (emails, attachments, calendars and contacts)

We provide you with the following two methods, and you can quickly migrate your mailbox to Liverado:

1. Manually export and import

Mails and attachments

First, you need to export emails and attachments to your local device. Once downloaded, you can attach an email to another email.

  • Go to Gmail on your computer.
  • Open the email.
  • Click More.
  • Select Download message.

Note: To open the EML file that downloads, you need a desktop mail client.

Learn more about export emails and attachments from Gmail

Second, you can import the downloaded emails and attachments into Liverado.

  • Open your Liverado account.

  • Select the Import option in the mailbox menu.


Liverado Calendar is now available, uses end-to-end encryption for your event details, so only you know your plans and appointments. You will no longer need to share this information with tech giants. Follow the steps to complete the transfer:

First, you need to export your Google calendar.

Learn more about how to export your Google calendar

Then, open your Liverado account.

  • Click the Import calendar option.

  • Select the From file option.

  • Click the Browse button.

  • Select the downloaded file and press Open.

  • Click the Save button.


Liverado provides a private and safe space for all your contacts. You can export it to a CSV file and import it into Liverado.

Export contacts from Google

  • Go to Google Contacts.

  • Choose one of the following options:

  • All contacts: Select the box next to any contact, and then click Select All in the upper left corner.

  • Multiple contacts: Select the box next to all the contacts you want to export.

  • Single contact: Select the box next to the contact's name.

  • In the upper left corner, click More Action > Export.

  • Choose Google CSV to back up your contacts.

  • Click Export to save the file to the local device.

Learn more about export contact from Google

Import CSV to Liverado:

  • Open your Liverado account in a browser on the desktop.

  • Select the Import option in the menu on the contact page.

  • Put your CSV file into the box or click the box to select CSV.

  • Select the Import option.

2. Automatic import through Liverado system (under development)

You enter your Gmail mailbox address and password in Liverado system settings, and the system will automatically import your entire mailbox (including mail, address, and Calendar) from Gmail.

Set up email forwarding

After you import the contents of the existing mailbox into the Liverado mailbox, you can set up automatic forwarding in the original Gmail mailbox settings. This ensures that all new emails sent to your old Gmail account will also reach your Liverado inbox. Once the contacts know your new Liverado address, they can contact you directly through your new Liverado email address.

Learn more about setting up automatic forwarding on Gmail.

It should be noted that the mail forwarded from Gmail passes through the Gmail server. These emails will only be encrypted by TLS, not end-to-end, and Gmail can still access them.

Create a folder for emails automatically forwarded by Gmail

Create a separate folder in your Liverado account where you can automatically forward emails from your Gmail account. This will help you quickly discover which contacts are still using your old email address. To remind your contacts of your new email address, please set up an automatic reply for your old Gmail mailbox to remind your contacts to send emails to the new address.

Notify your contacts

Tell your contacts that you are using a new email address. You can send a greeting email Liverado email to say hi to your contacts.

Remember, Liverado limits the number of emails you can send at a time to avoid spam and phishing attempts. The restrictions depend on many criteria, including the behaviour of the sender.

Learn more about sending restrictions.

Update the new email address to your online account

From now on, use your Liverado address to register your online account, and all your information and account updates will be securely encrypted. By migrating news related to finance, health and shopping to Liverado, you will avoid using this personal information to describe your personal data and avoid possible exposure or sale to third parties. Connect your online account to Liverado to protect your sensitive communications today.

We recommend that you connect the following three types of online accounts to Liverado Mail:

  1. Accounts for sensitive information: banking, tax services or file storage.

  2. Frequently used accounts: social media, online shopping or entertainment.

  3. Your remaining accounts.

Organize your new inbox

Use folders and tags to locate emails about specific topics or from particular senders quickly.

Create filters to automatically categorize emails into custom folders and labels and clear spam in your inbox.

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