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Login and Signup Logoff other devices and sessions

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Liverado allows you to monitor open sessions and log off other devices from your account anytime. It is handy if you need to close your session remotely.

Liverado provides a security feature that allows you to log out of your account from other devices. If you are worried that other people can access your account, or you forgot to log out on a public device, you can log out remotely through settings.

You will remain login for up to six months unless you explicitly log out or change your password. However, if you do not use any account for two weeks, the session will expire and automatically log out.

To log out of accounts on other devices, follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Look for the Security section.

  3. Under the Session management section, you will see a list of active sessions. Click Undo next to the device you want to log out. Or, if you're going to log out all active sessions except the current session, you can click the Undo all other sessions button at the top.

  4. Enter the login password to confirm the change.

For other login issues, please refer to the common issues and solutions.

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