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Creating a Liverado email account is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. No phone number or personal data is required.

How to create your Liverado account

The first step to taking back your digital privacy is to create an end-to-end email account.

Creating a Liverado email account is a simple process that takes only a few minutes.

  1. Go to the pricing page. You can find three types of Liverado accounts, and each membership provides different functions and features.

  2. Creat your email username.

  3. Create your email address password. You may use a password manager to create a password (There are some benefits of using a password manager).

  4. Provide an alternate email address. (Though we recommend you provide an alternate email address, this is optional.)

  5. Choose a currency and a plan you want.

  6. Select a yearly or monthly billing cycle.

  7. Provide payment method details.

  8. Continue to pay. You will get a notification if the payment is successful.

Now, you can log in to your Liverado account.


  • No phone number or email address is needed in this process. You can register an account anonymously.

  • We recommend you enable 2FA as another layer of protection.

  • Do not forget your password. You cannot access your account if you forget your password. Even you can recover your account through an alternate email address. You will lose the previous data permanently.

  • When communicating with other Liverado users, your email will automatically use end-to-end encryption. And you can also choose to encrypt emails for non-Liverado recipients.

  • To improve security, you can use the email expiration feature to set an expiration date for all emails you send.

  • An alternate email address is not mandatory, but we recommend you provide an alternate email address. Your alternate email account will receive notifications and messages if you enable Auto forwarding and Notification. And you can reset your password with the alternate email if you forget your password.

  • You can also receive emails with a limited number of aliases using the + sign after the email address's username. An existing user wants to create another address. Please refer to Alias ​​and Address.

Registration verification

Liverado must take this step to prevent spammers from creating accounts to maintain the integrity of the service. If a spammer uses Liverado to send mail, major mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc., may block Liverado's IP address.

Each registration is verified with a Captcha to prevent spammers or spammers from creating accounts. We will not save the Captcha result.

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