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Login and Signup Common registration issues and solutions

If you cannot access the registration page, try disabling all your browser plugins first. Here you can find different frequent issues and their solutions.

The most common problem with creating an account is related to the incompatibility of a web browser. Though Liverado works on almost all browsers, we recommend using the secure browser from this list to create an account.

After creating an account, you can try any browser you want. However, creating an account requires a particular type of browser environment.

Unable to access the registration page

Suppose there is a connection error in your browser stating "the page cannot be accessed". The blocking may be caused by your internet service provider, your employer's work network or your firewall.

Firstly make sure your internet connection is stable, and you can open other websites. Please run a traceroute to and report the results to us if you can access other websites.

Please try to connect to another server or temporarily disconnect the VPN connection if you use a VPN service.

The registration page did not fully load

Suppose some fields of the registration form are missing or not displayed correctly. In that case, some elements may be blocked in the browser.

To solve this problem, please try to disable the browser's add-ons or plugins to resolve this issue, as they may interfere with the way our website works. Learn more about how to disable all extensions.

Or enable cookies, JavaScript, and sessionStorage on your browser when you create an account and try again. Learn more about how to enable Cookies, JavaScript and sessionStorage.

If the registration page still does not fully load, please try another web browser. We recommend you use the browsers for this list.

Error during the account creation

When certain elements in the browser are blocked, you may receive an error message when trying to create a Liverado account. A browser malfunction may also cause this.

First, try to temporarily disable your browser add-ons and plugins, as they might interfere with how our website works. Learn more about how to disable all extensions.

Then make sure you have cookies, JavaScript, and sessionStorage enabled on your browser. Learn more about how to enable Cookies, JavaScript and sessionStorage.

You may try to use a different web browser if the above solution does not work.

Other problems

If you have a different issue, and none of the solutions mentioned works for you.

Please contact us through Liverado help centre. You can also reach us at

Try to provide as many details(such as a screenshot) as possible. So we can investigate the issue further.

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