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Login and Signup Common login issues and solutions

Resetting your password will make all your previously encrypted messages inaccessible to you. If your password manager does not work, try to disable it and enter the password manually.

Dear Liverado user, you can find the solutions for common login problems below:

Suppose you have an external email address associated with your account. In that case, you can send a link to the email address to reset your login password.

Note: Resetting your password will make all previous messages in your inbox unaccessible. Since then, you cannot read all the previous encrypted messages.

Learn more about how to reset your login password.

What are the supported password manager

Our officially supported password managers can be found here.

Suppose your password manager works on Liverado but not on our recommended list. Please tell us the name of the password manager and the computer model you are using. We will investigate the password manager. If a password manager is secure enough, we can also add them to our recommended list. You can notify us by submitting a form in the help centre.

Not all password managers support our service. If your password manager does not work on our system, try to disable it and enter the password manually.

Two-factor authentication issue

If two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled, the 2FA code generation device may also have a problem sometimes. Please try to log in with one of the emergency recovery codes provided when setting up 2FA.

Suppose your phone's clock is turned off for more than 2 minutes. In that case, 2FA may not work properly, so you need to ensure that the phone time is set correctly or automatically synchronizes the time with the network.

Incorrect domain

You can log in to Liverado using your username (such as "bob") or the entire domain name "".

Suppose you are a user using a custom domain (such as "") through Liverado. In that case, you can log in with your username or the full custom domain address "".

Suppose your email account belongs to an organization and has only one non-Liverado address (for example, In that case, you must log in with the entire "" address as your username.

Disable private mode on Safari

Make sure your browser is not in "private" mode, which is the default mode on some devices. Liverado cannot be used in Safari's private mode. Safari disables certain browser technologies that we need in private mode.

Clear browser Cache and restart browser

A corrupted browser cache can cause an issue. To resolve this issue, try to clear your browser's cache and restart your browser.

To know how to clear the cache, please refer here.

Disable Browser Extensions

If you still have a problem logging in, please try to log in through "private" or "incognito" browser mode (not including Safari) or disable all extensions.

If this step allows you to log in, try deactivating each extension one at a time and then test the login to determine which extension is causing the problem.

You can report the problematic extension to us here. The information will help us make this extension work with Liverado.

Expanding known issues: - Random proxy Spoofer-"Disable Authorization Header" must be disabled to use Liverado.

Try another browser

If you have an issue using your current web browser, please first update it to the latest version. If you still can not log in with the latest version, try to log in on another browser. Please let us know if this resolves the issue for you. We can make Liverado compatible with the original browser.

Internet Explorer versions before 11 and Safari versions before 6 do not support Liverado's cryptography library. You can find the list of recommended and supported browsers here. Some browsers that are not on this list may also work.

Enable Cookies, JavaScript and sessionStorage.

Liverado will not work in a browser unless cookies, Javascript and session storage are enabled. Sometimes, the plug-in may disable some of these features.

Learn how to allow them here.

Contact us

Please contact us in help centre if none of the above methods works for you.

You can also contact us at So we can investigate the issue further.

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