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  • How to set a recovery email address

    Provide an alternate email address The alternate email is an optional non-Liverado email address you may enter when creating a Liverado account. The email address is where we send you notifications when new messages are received in your Liverado account. You can also use the alternate email address to reset the password if you forget your original password. So we recommend you set up an alternate email address from the beginning. After you start using Liverado, we will use your alternate email address to contact you in the following situations: For password resetting. You can use the alternate email to reset your password if you forget your password (Your data in the previous mailbox is unrecoverable). For forwarding messages. Activate "Auto Forwarding" in "Settings". Your alternate email address will receive a message when your Liverado inbox receives a new message. However, suppose a third email service provider does not provide end-to-end email service (such as Gmail). In that case, such a provider ma...

  • Why your emails are not arriving

    Newly created email addresses are sometimes put on hold for 48 hours to prevent abuse. Please do not share your email address or use your new email address to register on another website until this block is automatically lifted. If you do not receive the confirmation email after 48 hours, please contact us at, or submit a form in the help centre....

  • How to restore a disabled account

    If you suspect that your account is disabled by mistake, please contact us via or submit a report in the Help Center. If we find that you did not violate our Terms of Service, we will review and restore your account....

  • How to prevent your account from being disabled or restricted

    Tips for preventing account suspension: The first is to ensure that your email looks legitimate and will not be mistaken for spam by the recipient. Secondly, to avoid sending a large number of emails at once. To know how many emails you can send per day, please refer to the information on pricing page. At the same time, keep updating your payment method to ensure that your account does not owe any money. The following situations may be the reason for your account being disabled: If your registered email address shares common characteristics with a fraudulent account. For example, an account with "Liverado info" in the display name may be disabled because it impersonates an official company contact. We will also combine many other parameters. However, we will not and cannot scan your end-to-end encrypted messages. We received spam, abuse, batch and script registration reports from other users. Any account that is found to violate our Terms of Service. Sometimes, legitimate accounts may be ident...

  • How to change or reset your password

    How to reset a password if you forget your account password How to change your password How to create a strong password Essential tips to avoid password lost How to reset a password if you forget your account password It is impossible to access the previous encrypted emails after resetting the password. Due to we use encryption technology to protect your data. Suppose you can successfully recall your password instead of resetting a new password. In that case, you can avoid losing access to your data. If you still can not recall your password, follow the steps to reset your password: Click Password reset. Enter your Username. You will see two options that Use the recovery key and Send a key to the recovery email, if any. Choose one of them. Enter your Recovery key or temporal Token you received through recovery email. Click Reset password. Log in with your new password. Note: The recovery key is automatically generated after registration. We recommend that you kept it in a safe place. ...

  • Common registration issues and solutions

    Unable to access the registration page The registration page did not fully load Error during the account creation Other problems The most common problem with creating an account is related to the incompatibility of a web browser. Though Liverado works on almost all browsers, we recommend using the secure browser from this list to create an account. After creating an account, you can try any browser you want. However, creating an account requires a particular type of browser environment. Unable to access the registration page Suppose there is a connection error in your browser stating "the page cannot be accessed". The blocking may be caused by your internet service provider, your employer's work network or your firewall. Firstly make sure your internet connection is stable, and you can open other websites. Please run a traceroute to and report the results to us if you can access other websites. Please try to connect to another server or temporarily disconnect the VPN connection if you use a V...

  • Common login issues and solutions

    Dear Liverado user, you can find the solutions for common login problems below: Issue related to resetting your login password What are the supported password manager Two-factor authentication issue Incorrect domain Disable private mode on Safari Clear browser Cache and restart browser Disable Browser Extensions Try another browser Enable Cookies, JavaScript and sessionStorage. Contact us Issue related to resetting your login password Suppose you have an external email address associated with your account. In that case, you can send a link to the email address to reset your login password. Note: Resetting your password will make all previous messages in your inbox unaccessible. Since then, you cannot read all the previous encrypted messages. Learn more about how to reset your login password. What are the supported password manager Our officially supported password managers can be found here. Suppose your password manager works on Liverado but not on our recommended list. Please tell us the name of the pa...

  • Multi-factor authentication

    What is Two-factor authentication (2FA) How to set up 2FA Set up 2FA in multiple devices Two-factor authentication (2FA) is not working What is Two-factor authentication (2FA) Two-factor authentication is a way to add extra security to your account. There are two elements. The first element is the password you usually use, which is the standard password for your account. The second element is a verification code retrieved from an application on your device, such as a mobile phone. Liverado uses 2FA as another layer of security protection for your account. After enabling 2FA, you will be prompted to enter a six-digit password when logging in. This six-digit password will be generated by the application installed on the phone. Even if your password is stolen, an attacker cannot access your account without accessing the phone. Given this security advantage, we recommend that you enable 2FA on your Liverado account. To use 2FA, you need to install an authenticator app on your phone. And you need to make sure ...

  • How to disable private browsing mode

    Liverado uses a key technology sessionStorage, which will be disabled if private browsing mode is activated. In addition, cookies will be blocked in "Private" browsing mode. Liverado requires cookies to be enabled to store your current session information and log you into your account. If you have trouble access Liverado, please make sure your browser is not in "Private" mode. iOS Safari Safari browser is usually set to "private" browsing mode by default. You can follow the instruction below to disable "private" mode on Safari: Open Safari on iPhone or iPad. Then click on the bottom right corner Click "Private" at the lower-left corner to turn on/off private browsing. As long as "Private Browsing" is enabled, the Safari address bar will be displayed in black instead of white. Learn more Safari on Mac Learn more about private browsing mode on Safari on Mac Chrome Learn more about private browsing mode on Chrome Firefox Learn more about private browsing mode on Firefox Microsoft Edge Learn more about...

  • Recommended password managers

    A password manager enables you to create a password for each separate account on the Internet. This practice ensures that all other accounts will remain safe if any password is compromised. In addition, the password manager frees your brain from the trouble of memorising passwords. It allows you to create more complex passwords because they are stored in a central location instead of your head. In order to improve security, Liverado has built-in support for the most secure password managers: KeePassDx KeePassXc Learn more about most secure password managers We also support the most popular password managers: 1Password Last pass Dasland Bitwarden KeePass Using a password manager is essential to ensure your online account security. Other password managers may also be working. Let us know if any password manager works for you. If you have any questions, please contact us at, or submit a report here. For other login issues, you can also check common login issues and solutions....

  • How to clear browsing cache and cookies

    Safari On Mac On iPhone and Ipad(Safari iOS) Chrome On computer: On Android phone or tablet On iPhone or Ipad Internet Explorer Firefox Browsers on Android system Safari On Mac Click the Safari app on your Mac. Choose Preferences, click Privacy. Click Manage Website Data, select One or more websites, then click Remove or Remove All. Learn more On iPhone and Ipad(Safari iOS) Start from the home screen, tap the Settings application. On the Settings screen, scroll down and tap the Safari button. Under the Privacy section, tap the Clear History and Website Data button. On the confirmation screen, tap Clear History and Data. Learn more Chrome On computer: On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More. Click More tools, then Clear browsing data. Choose a time range if you want to delete everything, select All time. Check the boxes next to Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files. Click Clear data. Learn more on google On Android phone or tablet ...

  • Browser technology requirements

    Why do you need to enable Cookies, Javascript and sessionStorage? Enable Cookies Safari Chrome Internet Exlorer Firefox iOS Safari Enable Javascript Chrome Firefox Safari on Mac Internet Explorer iOS (Safari) Android Enable sessionStorage Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox iOS Safari Why do you need to enable Cookies, Javascript and sessionStorage? For security reasons, we recommend users allowing cookies, Javascript and sessionStorage. Liverado requires cookies to be enabled to store your current session information and log you into your account. In order to encrypt and decrypt in your web browser and correctly verify your identity, we need to encrypt/decrypt using JavaScript and save your private key locally using sessionStorage. Failure to enable these features may cause errors. Please refer to the content below to resolve these issues. Enable Cookies To know how to enable cookies in your browser, please click the links below: Safari Learn more about how to enable Cookies on Safari click here Chro...

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