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Library What is Pretty Easy Privacy

Pretty Easy Privacy (p≡p) is a data encryption protocol to encrypt and sign messages, including the subject. Based on PGP/MIME.

Pretty easy privacy (p≡p) is a pluggable data encryption and authentication system.


p≡p wants to make encryption invisible and easy to the user. When using p≡p, privacy always takes precedence over security. For example, a public key server is secure but does not provide privacy. In this case, p≡p will not directly support and distribute the public key.

In order to to achieve this concept, p≡p introduces new processes and data formats for p≡p to p≡p communication. p≡p always encrypts and signs all its messages. p≡p is not OpenPGP but uses OpenPGP formatted keys.

p≡p always ranks the communication security by analyzing the encryption algorithm, key length, key validity, signature, etc. And it is based on the analysis to create privacy in recognizable green, yellow or red symbols.

p≡p fully automatic work and easy to use. To encrypted p≡p local analysis (without sending data anywhere), incoming and outgoing emails on your device. Once p≡p recognizes that it can securely communicate with the partner, it does so automatically. The user will never have to deal with keys.

In order to support all users, p≡p implements an OpenPGP mode that supports and automates the OpenPGP standard as much as possible when the other party is an OpenPGP user.

How to use p≡p on Liverado?

p≡p automatically encrypts your emails, attachments, pictures and subjects. Liverado system default configuration for encryption is PGP/MIME. If you would like to use p≡p, please enable this feature for your mailboxes and contacts in Settings. In that case, all your emails, attachments, pictures and subjects will be encrypted.

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