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Library Recommended web browsers

Liverado is an email provider with a webmail client that respects your privacy and protects your identity. However, we strongly recommend you access from modern and secure browsers only.

Liverado works on most modern browsers. However, we recommend you use browsers that also respects your privacy.

Tor Browser



For more details, see The most secure browser and search engine for your privacy in 2021.

Supported browsers

Liverado also works well with browsers below:


Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge


Internet Explorer

Supported and Not tested browsers

Liverado is compatible with other browsers not listed here:


Pale Moon


However, they have not been extensively tested. There are probably more bugs when using a browser that is not officially supported.

To use encryption, the browsers you use must support PRNG.

We recommend you continually update your browser to the latest stable version.

You can also check common login issues and solutions for other login issues.

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