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Library Pseudo random number generator (PRNG)

Liverado will generate random numbers on multiple occasions to protect your account's data. It is a crucial technology because random numbers will lead to strong encryption.

This article will explain what PRNG is and solve common related problems.

What is PRNG?

PRNG stands for Pseudo Random Number Generator. It is an algorithm used to generate a sequence of numbers whose properties are similar to a random number sequence.

Liverado will generate random numbers in multiple locations to protect your account. It is crucial because random numbers will lead to strong encryption. Unfortunately, it is challenging to generate random numbers. This is why we recommend you use a web browser with a built-in PRNG. Fortunately, most modern web browsers have PRNGs.

Common issue and solution

When your browser does not support this feature, the most common solution is to upgrade the browser to the latest version. It is an excellent habit to update the latest version constantly because most browser updates also include various security patches.

A list of browsers that use PRNG

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