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Library How to disable private browsing mode

If you have trouble accessing Liverado, please ensure your browser is not in "Private Mode" before reporting any issues. This mode may disable any of the required technical features.

Liverado uses a key technology sessionStorage, which will be disabled if private browsing mode is activated. In addition, cookies will be blocked in "Private" browsing mode. Liverado requires cookies to be enabled to store your current session information and log you into your account. If you have trouble access Liverado, please make sure your browser is not in "Private" mode.

iOS Safari

Safari browser is usually set to "private" browsing mode by default. You can follow the instruction below to disable "private" mode on Safari:

  1. Open Safari on iPhone or iPad.

  2. Then click on the bottom right corner

  3. Click "Private" at the lower-left corner to turn on/off private browsing.

  4. As long as "Private Browsing" is enabled, the Safari address bar will be displayed in black instead of white.

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Safari on Mac

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Microsoft Edge

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Internet Explorer

  1. Open the IE browser.
  2. Select the gear icon, which is located in the browser's upper-right corner.
  3. Choose Safety in the drop-down menu.
  4. Make sure InPrivate Browsing is not selected in the submenu.

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