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Library Common questions about contacts

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When your contacts' information is encrypted, nobody but you can access it. However, this also removes the compatibility with most CardDAV servers.

Why is it important to encrypt contacts?

Contact information is very sensitive, so we encrypt your contacts information as much as we can. All the details saved in the advanced contact field are encrypted, so no one, even us, can not access, modify or share with any third party.

What is encrypted?

Display name and email address are encrypted at rest

The display name and email address fields in the contact are only encrypted at rest; Liverado must access this information for message delivery. Accessing this information is also essential for advanced features such as auto-completion in composer, spam filtering, whitelisting filters, and conversation threading views.

Other contacts' details

You may store other contacts' details in the contacts, such as phone number or home address. Other contacts' details is protected by zero-access encryptin. Even as the service provider, we are not able to view that information.

Digital signature in contacts

Digitally signed and verified contacts are marked with a checkmark. All contact data (including the contact's name and email address) are digitally signed using a private key of the contact linked to your account. So you can verify whether a contact has been tampered with by anyone during transferring.

This feature also applies to Liverado. So we do not only cannot decrypt contact information, but we also cannot secretly tamper with any contact data.

Failure of digital signature in contacts

If the digital signature verification fails, this means that this contact data is not properly signed with your current contact's private key.

Resetting the password usually can cause this problem. Your contact signed the key can no longer be decrypted. And it has been replaced by the private key of the new Liverado contact.

Suppose the password has not been reset since the contact was added. In that case, the signature verification failure may mean that the contact's data has been tampered with.

Learn more about digital signature.

Searching in contacts

A search bar(at the top of the Contact page) allows users to search for contacts. The searching will only return results for the information stored in the "Name" and "Email Address" fields because the other fields are encrypted and cannot be accessed by Liverado.

Suppose you want to find specific information in the contact details field. In that case, you can search for the contact's name and then click the contact to view the encrypted details.


Currently, Liverado does not support duplicate detection or merge multiple contacts into one. We recommend using the sorting function in Contacts to sort according to the email address's contact name. It will enable you to quickly identify duplicate contacts displayed next to each other in the contact list.

Can't decrypt contact information?

If you reset the email password, the contact details will remain permanently encrypted because you have changed the private key(which is used to decrypt the details).

That's why we recommend exporting your contacts and keep a backup. Suppose the contacts are permanently encrypted due to the mailbox password reset. In that case, you can import the contacts again from the backup export file.

Export contacts

In "Contacts", you will see two options for exporting contacts. In the screenshot above, you will see the option to export all contacts to vCard format by selecting "Export" on the screen's left side.

To export a single contact, select the "Export" icon on the left side of the "Save" button in "Contact Details".

Import contacts

You can import contacts into Liverado by uploading a vCard or .csv file.

Learn more about the import contact here.

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