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  • How to export emails and attachments from other providers

    Please refer to the instructions: Export from Gmail Learn more on Gmail Export from Outlook Learn more on Microsoft Export from Yahoo Learn more...

  • How to configure IMAP for importing emails from other providers

    In order to import your messages into Liverado, you need to enable IMAP access or set an app password to allow third-party applications to access your account. This article describes how to prepare a Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yandex, or GMX account before moving mail to Liverado. Prepare your Gmail account Enable IMAP access To enable IMAP access, go to your Gmail settings (click the gear icon in the upper right corner) and access All settings. Find the Forwarding and POP/IMAP section, go to IMAP access, select Enable IMAP and click Save changes. Allow folder import In the Settings, go to the Labels section and manually select the folders by checking the boxes before Show in IMAP. Allow Liverado to access your Google account. It would help if you allowed Liverado to access your Gmail account (Liverado will only access your data for importing messages). If two-step verification is disabled (default setting) in your Gmail account, please follow the steps below to open "Less secure app access": Login your...

  • How to import emails and attachments

    This article explains how to import email from another email account or a local MBOX or EML file on your device to your Liverado account. When you import an email file into Liverado, the system will immediately encrypt it with your public key. Getting start First, click on your username to display a list of your email addresses. Click the Import button to the right of the address and select the email address you want to import emails to. Then, you have two choices: Import from account or Import local file (It is not possible to import directly from the account now). If you want to import emails from other cloud email services (such as Gmail or Yahoo!), click Import from account. If you want to import emails locally from the device, click Import local File. Depending on the option you choose, we will explain the next steps below. Import directly from an email provider account 1) Firstly, you need to adjust the settings of that account. Please read our article on allowing IMAP access, which explains...

  • How to forward emails from other email accounts to Liverado

    Changing email providers is complex, and we want to ensure the process is as simple as possible and smooth. Most email services have an email forwarding feature, which allows you to forward emails from an existing account to the new Liverado account. The following links provide your information about how to forward emails from some of the most popular email service providers: Gmail Yahoo! Hotmail/Outlook POP3 is another method commonly used to forward mail to a new mail address. Currently, Liverado does not support POP3 services....

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