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Import and Export Contacts How to create or edit your contacts in bulk with a CSV file

You can import and export contacts to your Liverado account using CSV files. Liverado accepts standard header fields for each contact row.

Liverado uses CSV files to import and export contacts to your Liverado account. Spreadsheet programs (such as Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel) make creating and editing CSV files easy.

CSV files should be formatted as a table and must contain headers or the first row that defines the table's fields. Liverado accepts many common header fields (first_name, last_name, email_address, etc.)

If you are updating an existing file, you may not need to change the title field name.

If you are creating a new file and need some guidance, please follow the example title below. This is an example of a sample file that can be created using Numbers, Excel or a similar tool:

By saving the following table as a .csv file and importing it into Liveardo, Bob's entry will be added to the "Contacts" list. After entering all the contacts into the form, save the document. And then, select CSV (comma separated) (*.csv) as the file type you want to save.

Header Name Email address
Contact information Bob

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