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Calendar How to share a calendar with a link

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With shared calendars, external users can read all events, and you also can configure their write permissions if they need to make changes.

You can share a copy of the Liverado calendar with non-Liverado users via a URL link. External users can read all events on your shared calendar (however, they cannot edit them). Anyone with access to your calendar will see your updates or edit if you changed the calendar.

What other people can see

When sharing a calendar, you can choose how much calendar information other people can see. There are two options that complete information and limited information.

Complete information

It shows the details of all events on your calendar to anyone with the link. These details include:

  • Title and description

  • Participants

  • Location

Note: When sharing a calendar in this way, you grant Liverado temporary access to the calendar. The generated URL contains the key needed to decrypt the calendar. When using the URL, Liverado can access this key to decrypt the calendar. However, we cannot access the calendar at any other time.

Limited information

Limited information mode will not show any event details, except the title.

How to share a calendar

  1. Enter Setting.

  2. Go to Calendar.

  3. Scroll to the Sharing.

  4. Select the calendar you want to share. Choose between limited information or complete information (what you want others to see).

  5. Click Create link.

  6. Liverado will generate a URL link for your Calendar.

  7. Click the copy link and share it.

After creating a URL for the calendar, it will appear in the shared section. Other participants attached will see the URL as well. You can use the action drop-down menu to copy the link, edit the label, or delete the link.

How to view a shared calendar

Most third-party calendars allow users to view and enter the URL of the shared Calendar.

Import ICS file

Participants can download the ICS file of the shared calendar by entering their URL in the browser. The ICS file can be imported to almost all kinds of calendar applications, including web applications. However, an imported calendar will not be synchrony with changes made to the shared Liverado calendar.

Each calendar can share five links. It allows you to share your calendar with different people through different links (It enables you to share your calendar with specific people).

How to stop sharing calendar

To stop sharing calendar:

  1. Enter the Setting.

  2. Go to Calendar.

  3. Go to Share outside.

  4. Find the Calendar and go to Action.

  5. Click the Drop-down menu.

  6. Click Delete.

After deleting the link, other calendars using the link will no longer access this calendar. Deleting a calendar with shared links will also automatically delete all links.

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