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Calendar How to send calendar event invitations

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You can invite anyone to participate in your event by adding them as participants. You will receive a confirmation email with their decision.

You can invite anyone to participate in your event by adding them as participants. Participants can be added when the event is created or when you edit this event.

To add participants to your event, you need to create an event first. Once the event is created, you will be the organizer of this event.

Add participants to the event

  1. First, select an event in the calendar and select editing options.

  2. Scroll down to the Add Participant field, where you can add the participant's email address.

  3. When you start typing your email address, you will see a list of suggestions. This list includes your contacts. To select participants, click the email address to which you want to send the invitation.

  4. After selecting participants' email addresses, you can specify whether the participant's attendance is optional.


  • Your name and email address will be in the participant list as the organizer. Other participants will receive email invitations from your email address.

  • To remove one of the participants from the list, click the trash can icon next to their email address.

  • You can't add participants to events imported from non-Liverado calendars.

  • For one event, You can add up to 500 participants.

send invitation

After adding all the event details and participant email addresses, save the event to send invitations to all participants.

When a participant answers your invitation, you will receive a confirmation email. At the same time, our system will update the event. If the event is not updated to reflect the participant's response, try opening the confirmation email. It should automatically update the event.

After the invitation is sent, you can also update or cancel the event invitation at any time.

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