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Billing What happens if you forget to renew your membership

We can suspend your account immediately if you fail to pay an invoice. You will not be allowed to send any emails for seven days before fully deactivation.

Once you subscribe to our monthly or annual service, you authorize us to deduct the subscription fee from your credit card or a bank account on a monthly or yearly basis.

Note: Your credit balance will be automatically deducted monthly or annually.

However, if you fail to pay recurring bills for any reason, we can suspend your account immediately. You will not be allowed to send any emails. After seven days, your mailbox will stop receiving emails.

During the suspension period, the subscription fee will still be counted into your bill. Suppose you decide to pay within the three-month suspension period. In that case, the bill will include a suspension period and a recurring bill.

We will send notifications if you fail to make a payment during account suspension. However, the best way to prevent this from happening is always to try to maintain the latest payment methods and card records on Liverado.

Note: Your account will be terminated permanently once the suspension period ends.

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