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Billing How to get a refund

Because of the nature of our service, there are limitations and restrictions for getting refunds after you have completed the trial period.

A cryptocurrency payment is non-refundable

We are unable to trace the actual owner of a cryptocurrency payment. So it is non-refundable.

Downgrading subscription plan is non-refundable

Note that if you downgrade your plan, there will be no refund for the current plan. And we will apply the price of the new plan on your next billing.

Violating of Terms of Service is non-refundable

A paid account terminated due to violating Terms of Service will not be eligible for reimbursement. It will result in all payment and credit losses.

Refund condition

Due to its nature, the paid services we provide are usually non-refundable, and any refund or credits will be at our sole discretion.

If we refund for any reason, we can only refund in the original payment currency. We can determine the applicable exchange rate on our own if you request to convert your credit balance between the various currencies we support,

Fees that may occur

Suppose you use third-party payment processors (Such as PayPal), dispute or chargeback processes. It causes us liable for a sum above the price charged for the Service ( e.g. dispute fee). In that case, you authorize us to charge your account for that amount.

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