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  • Liverado memberships

    Liverado memberships have been carefully designed to meet the needs of everyone, from privacy-conscious users to intensive users, teams and professionals that demand the highest security and reliability. Nubo Tondro Fulmo Fulmo Lifetime Reward extra storage Upgrade and downgrade Discount and free account Limitation of free accounts: Limitation of discounts: Nubo Nubo is a standard membership that provides common features and a fair storage limit. It is suitable for occasional users concerned about privacy and online security. Limits: Quota Aliases 1 Calendars 10 Domains 0 Sending quota 50 Storage 1GB Users 1 Contacts Unlimited Folders Unlimited Virtual aliases Unlimited Features: Yes/No Action Filters Yes Auto Forward Yes Auto Reply Yes Autocrypt Yes Brute-Force Protection Yes CalDAV Yes CardDAV Yes Catch-All Domains No Cryptocurrency Payments Yes Dead-Man Switch Yes Email Scheduling Yes Encryption at Rest Yes Encryption in Transit Yes Extra ...

  • How to cancel your subscription

    You have a 14-day trial period. If you are not satisfied with our service, you have the right to cancel your subscription within 14 days. There are two ways to cancel your subscription: Go to Setting. Go to Membership. Click Cancel the membership. Once you cancel your free trial, you will no longer be able to send or receive mail. Some users may regret cancelling their accounts after a few days. To avoid this, we will terminate your account from our system permanently after six months. Within six months, you still have a chance to make payment and recover your account....

  • Where to find coupon codes and discounts

    From time to time, we distribute coupons on our social media. Visit our social media now to get your discount. Twitter Facebook Reddit Quora Linkedin Youtube...

  • Liverado self-hosted and maintenance services for enterprises

    If you would like to have your secure email system, we can help you build an encrypted email system. For example, company A wants to build its email system and servers. The company does not have the expertise to build and maintain the system and servers. So the company director decides to outsource to a software company. After contacting many software companies, the company found that either it's too costly or the outsourcing companies do not have qualified experts to build a good system. In that case, Liverado can help you. Our Fees One-time fee for set up. Maintenance fee (If you need Liverado to maintain your system, typically, it's monthly). We can offer you a plan that suits your needs. Get in touch with us at You can also submit a form here...

  • How to view or download your invoices and payment receipts

    You can download your invoice through the following steps: Go to Settings. Go to the Payment history section. Find the invoice you want to download. Click View the invoice. Click Download. An invoice (.pdf file) will be downloaded to your device....

  • How to upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan

    You can upgrade or downgrade your Liverado subscription plan at any time. If you upgrade your plan, you need to pay an upgrading fee. When the payment is successful, you can start to enjoy the new features provided by the upgrade plan. Before downgrading or upgrading, we recommend you check the differences between memberships and find the most suitable plan. Learn more about the Liverado subscription plans. Upgrade your plan Go to Settings → Membership → Choose a plan. Carefully identify whether the new plan is what you need, and then choose monthly or annual billing. After you enter the payment details, continue and Pay Downgrade your plan Go to Settings → Membership → Choose a plan. Select the plan you want to downgrade to and continue. Notes for downgrading a membership Before downgrading your subscription, please ensure that the number of custom domains, addresses, and storage space matches the new plan. Otherwise, the system will not allow the downgrading. Custom domain Before downgrading ...

  • Payment methods

    Liverado currently provides subscriptions of different storage sizes and features (such as custom domains). You can select the plan that suits you the best. When you proceed to the checkout, you will be asked to choose a payment method. These are the payment methods we accept: Payment methods support recurring bills Payment methods don't support recurring bills Cards PayPal Apple Pay Wechat Pay Google Pay Cryptocurrency Bank transfer Local Bank transfer EUR USD GBP AUD NZD SGD International bank transfer EUR GBP Other Currencies: USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, SGD, HKD, CNH (CNY), JPY, CHF, SEK, NOK. Important note for bank transfer Cash by mail Payment methods support recurring bills Payment methods that support recurring bills Cards We support Visa, Mastercard, American Express and China UnionPay. Apple pay Apple Pay enables frictionless card payments and eliminates the need to manually type cards. Google pay Google Pay allows you to make payments in your app or website using any credit or debit c...

  • What happens if you forget to renew your membership

    Once you subscribe to our monthly or annual service, you authorize us to deduct the subscription fee from your credit card or a bank account on a monthly or yearly basis. Note: Your credit balance will be automatically deducted monthly or annually. However, if you fail to pay recurring bills for any reason, we can suspend your account immediately. You will not be allowed to send any emails. After seven days, your mailbox will stop receiving emails. During the suspension period, the subscription fee will still be counted into your bill. Suppose you decide to pay within the three-month suspension period. In that case, the bill will include a suspension period and a recurring bill. We will send notifications if you fail to make a payment during account suspension. However, the best way to prevent this from happening is always to try to maintain the latest payment methods and card records on Liverado. Note: Your account will be terminated permanently once the suspension period ends....

  • How to get a refund

    A cryptocurrency payment is non-refundable We are unable to trace the actual owner of a cryptocurrency payment. So it is non-refundable. Downgrading subscription plan is non-refundable Note that if you downgrade your plan, there will be no refund for the current plan. And we will apply the price of the new plan on your next billing. Violating of Terms of Service is non-refundable A paid account terminated due to violating Terms of Service will not be eligible for reimbursement. It will result in all payment and credit losses. Refund condition Due to its nature, the paid services we provide are usually non-refundable, and any refund or credits will be at our sole discretion. If we refund for any reason, we can only refund in the original payment currency. We can determine the applicable exchange rate on our own if you request to convert your credit balance between the various currencies we support, Fees that may occur Suppose you use third-party payment processors (Such as PayPal), dispute or chargeback pro...

  • Cryptocurrency payments

    If you wish to keep your payment history anonymous and out of the hand of the banking system, you can make payments with cryptocurrency. What are the cryptocurrencies accepted on Liverado? You can make payments with cryptocurrencies below: Coin full name BCH.BEP20 Bitcoin Cash (BEP20) BCH Bitcoin Cash BEAM Beam BNB.BSC Binance Coin (BEP20) BNB.ERC20 Binance Coin (ERC20) BNB Binance Coin BTC.BEP2 Bitcoin (BEP2) BTC.BEP20 Bitcoin (BEP20) BTC Bitcoin BTG Bitcoin Gold BUSD.BEP20 Binance USD (BEP20) BUSD Binance USD (ERC20) CELO Celo DAI.BEP20 Dai (BEP20) DAI Dai (ERC20) DASH Dash DGB DigiByte DOGE.BEP20 Dogecoin (BEP20) DOGE Dogecoin DOT.BEP20 Polkadot (BEP20) ETC Ethereum Classic ETH.BEP2 Ethereum (BEP2) ETH.BEP20 Ethereum (BEP20) ETH Ethereum FIRO Firo KMD Komodo LINK.BEP20 ChainLink (BEP20) LINK ChainLink (ERC20) LTC.BEP2 Litecoin (BEP2) LTC.BEP20 Lietcoin (BEP20) LTC Litecoin PIVX PIVX QTUM Qtum RVN Ravencoin SHIB.BEP20 Shiba Inu (BE...

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