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Abuse How to prevent your account from being disabled or restricted

We allow privacy and free speech. However, it would be best for everyone if you abode by the laws of your country. If you cause unlawful damage to others, we will block your account when receiving supporting evidence.

Tips for preventing account suspension:

  • The first is to ensure that your email looks legitimate and will not be mistaken for spam by the recipient.

  • Secondly, to avoid sending a large number of emails at once. To know how many emails you can send per day, please refer to the information on pricing page.

  • At the same time, keep updating your payment method to ensure that your account does not owe any money.

The following situations may be the reason for your account being disabled:

  1. If your registered email address shares common characteristics with a fraudulent account. For example, an account with "Liverado info" in the display name may be disabled because it impersonates an official company contact. We will also combine many other parameters. However, we will not and cannot scan your end-to-end encrypted messages.

  2. We received spam, abuse, batch and script registration reports from other users.

  3. Any account that is found to violate our Terms of Service.

  4. Sometimes, legitimate accounts may be identified as abused and disabled by the system. This may happen soon after the account is created, which means our anti-abuse system automatically disabled it. You will need to wait up to 48 hours. Please contact us at if your account is not listed automatically after 48 hours.

  5. We received multiple abuse reports related to the same account. In these cases, we need to quickly block the account before spammers use the account to harass or deceive other users.

  6. If your payment method used is reported as fraudulent, your account may also be disabled.

  7. A spammer used the stolen credit card to pay for the Liverado account. If we receive a report of a fraudulent payment and confirm it, we will disable the account and refund the payment.

  8. When you owe fees or do not recognize our charges and dispute the payment with your financial institution, your account will be automatically disabled.

Scammers and criminals can sometimes abuse Liverado encrypted email service.

We use algorithms that scan behaviour indicators and anonymous usage data to automatically identify and quickly disable abuse and fraudulent accounts to avoid abusive usage. When a new user sets up a Liverado account, we even sometimes use manual verification checks.

But these methods are not foolproof, and in rare cases, false alarms will occur.

If you believe that your account has been improperly disabled, please contact us through the help centre or email us at

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