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  • Exceed email sending quota

    If you receive the following message: You seem to have exceeded the number of emails allowed. Please try again later. It means an anti-spam protection method has temporarily prevented your account from sending new emails. Please wait a day or two for sending a new email again. If you need to send more emails immediately, please upgrade your account now. However, Liverado cannot be used to send large amounts of mail (such as newsletters) in a short period. Please refer to the information on our pricing page for details. All plans have a certain number of restrictions....

  • How to restore a disabled account

    If you suspect that your account is disabled by mistake, please contact us via or submit a report in the Help Center. If we find that you did not violate our Terms of Service, we will review and restore your account....

  • How to prevent your account from being disabled or restricted

    Tips for preventing account suspension: The first is to ensure that your email looks legitimate and will not be mistaken for spam by the recipient. Secondly, to avoid sending a large number of emails at once. To know how many emails you can send per day, please refer to the information on pricing page. At the same time, keep updating your payment method to ensure that your account does not owe any money. The following situations may be the reason for your account being disabled: If your registered email address shares common characteristics with a fraudulent account. For example, an account with "Liverado info" in the display name may be disabled because it impersonates an official company contact. We will also combine many other parameters. However, we will not and cannot scan your end-to-end encrypted messages. We received spam, abuse, batch and script registration reports from other users. Any account that is found to violate our Terms of Service. Sometimes, legitimate accounts may be ident...

  • How we fight spam

    Yes, Liverado has restrictions on emails per account. This is necessary to protect our email service from spammers who try to abuse Liverado. Allowing spammers to use our service will harm all users. The Liverado domain may end up in the email spam list. So we must block spammers under any circumstances....

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