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Contribute to Liverado's mission of protecting privacy and reaching new goals by donating today. Any amount is of great help, including your good words and recommendations.

Support Liverado. Help us fulfil our mission.

Our mission is to protect online privacy and security. That's why we developed Liverado.

Your donation can help us continue to develop Liverado as open-source software and offer more Free-accounts. Only through the community's support can we continue to provide Liverado services to people worldwide.

Liverado release Free-accounts on our social media from time to time.

We use our revenue to finance the free accounts with the hope that more people can enjoy encrypted mail (even people who can't afford a Liverado paid account currently).

However, our resources are limited. With your help, privacy and online security will reach more people. That's why we initiate this Free-account donation program. If you support privacy and online security for the whole of humanity, please help us.

The first goal is to unlock 10000 Liverado Nubo accounts. The yearly membership fee is $18. The amount of the goal is:


We will release 100 accounts for every $1800 we receive. And we will distribute the free-account coupon on social media immediately.

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Get in touch with us at if you have any questions. You can also submit a report here.

If you wish to know privacy and security news about us, follow the Liverado social media and blog for the latest releases.

Liverado is an open-source project. To contribute to the Liverado project, visit our Github page.

Thank you so much for being so supportive!

Liverado team

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