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Our servers are located in Switzerland because it has among the most robust privacy laws and the most advanced Internet infrastructure in the world.

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Analysis of privacy laws in Switzerland

A security privacy-centric system does not depend on the technology used only but also on the server's location and the data's storage location. Therefore, although powerful technology can protect corporate data from cyber threats, strict laws and regulations add an extra layer of protection. So choosing a legal jurisdiction is particularly important because, as the example of Lavabit shows, local laws may have an impact on the service.

Due to we provide services to users who have highly sensitive privacy and security requirements worldwide. When we investigated the right location to establish services, we found that Switzerland is the countrfor a high-tech company that focuses on privacy. Additionally, Switzerland has a neutral advantage outside the United States and the European Union jurisdiction. With Switzerland's advanced IT infrastructure and its unique legal environment, Liverado can deliver a reliable and secure service.

Data Protection Act (DPA) protects data

Swiss privacy laws are the foundation of Swiss data protection methods. In Switzerland, data protection is regulated by the DPA, which guarantees that all personal data can only be processed legally. All personal data processing must also be done proportionally and with the best intentions.

Article 13 Protection of Privacy: Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution guarantees your right to privacy. Since 1993, the Federal Data Protection and Security Act prohibits personal data processing without the explicit authorization of the data subject.

Therefore, Switzerland has become a popular destination for many companies that want to ensure that their data is kept private and protected by reliable data protection methods.

IP address is private

The Swiss Federal Supreme Court held that IP addresses are the same as personal information in 2010. It makes it illegal to track an individual's Internet usage without the individual's explicit permission. There is no evidence that the government has restricted Internet access, and there is no reliable report that the government has monitored emails or chats without authorisation.

No law specify obligation on Key disclosure

In countries such as the US and the UK, The mandatory key disclosure law requires individuals to hand over encryption keys to law enforcement agencies for criminal investigations. However, there is no law specifying obligation to disclose passwords or keys in Switzerland.

Gag order

In the US and EU, "gag orders" may be issued to prevent individuals from knowing that they are under investigation or surveillance. Although gag orders also exist in Switzerland, the prosecutor obliged to notify the subject of surveillance, and the subject has the opportunity to appeal in court.

No national security letter

There is also no such thing as a "national security letter", and all surveillance requests must be submitted to the court. Although Switzerland is a signatory to international aid treaties, such information requirements must be retained under Swiss law, which has stricter privacy regulations.

Almost every country has laws that govern the lawful interception of electronic communications for law enforcement purposes. In Switzerland, these regulations enacted in the Swiss Federal Post and Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring Act (SPTT), which amended on March 18, 2018. Although certain parts of the SPTT are still disputed, according to the current interpretation, Liverado is not subject to any mandatory data retention directives; it does not force us to determine all Liverado users' obligations.

An extra layer to protect your data security

Although Liverado benefits from strong legal protection with Switzerland, we have also established technical protection measures against surveillance, such as the use of end-to-end encryption. We do not have the key required to decrypt user emails. Due to zero-access encryption, even emails between non-Liverado accounts cannot be decrypted on our servers. As a result, even if Liverado is forced to hand over all of our computer systems, the email content will continue to be encrypted. These technical protection measures are the most effective privacy protection measures.

The comprehensive security can only be achieved through a combination of technology and legal protection, and Switzerland provides the best combination of the two.

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