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Liverado supports access from a Tor hidden service (also known as the onion address o site). The Tor network provides alternative and private access to the Internet and your favourite websites.

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The world around us is changing, and civil liberties are increasingly restricted in every corner of the world. Unfortunately, even Western democracies such as the United States have not been spared from this trend.

In fact, US technology companies are forced to join US surveillance agencies illustrates this most clearly. It is impossible to run services focused on privacy and security in the United States or the United Kingdom.

This is why we created the Tor hidden Service (also known as the Onion Site) for Liverado encrypted email service. The onion site provides alternative access to Liverado. It is more secure, private, and censorship-resistant.

Starting today, you can use our onion site to connect directly to Liverado through Tor.


To use our onion website, you need to first set up Tor on your computer or device. You can find instructions here.

After Tor is set up correctly, you can visit Liverado's onion site at the following URL:


Why use Tor for email privacy?

You can always access Liverado via Tor on our regular site However, there are several reasons why you might consider using Liverado with Tor.

Route your traffic to Liverado through the Tor network, making it difficult for adversaries who eavesdrop on your internet connection to know that you are using Liverado. Tor applies an additional layer of encryption on top of your connection. It is more difficult for advanced attackers to perform man-in-the-middle attacks if you access Liverado through Tor.

Location hidden

The onion site is a "hidden" service because the opponent cannot easily determine its physical location. Therefore, although may be subject to DDoS attacks, our onion cannot be attacked in the same way because the attacker will not be able to find the public IP address.

End-to-end encryption

Onion service traffic from the client to the onion host is encrypted. It's like getting strong SSL/HTTPS for free. Onion site connections provide actual end-to-end encryption at the Tor level. This means that the additional encryption applied by Tor remains until your connection reaches our infrastructure. Non-onion Tor connections have no Tor encryption beyond the last node.

End-to-end authentication

Tor also provides end-to-end authentication. When users visit a particular onion, they know that what they see can only come from that particular onion. Simulation is not possible, and this is usually not the case. Generally, access to a website does not mean that the man in the middle has not rerouted to another location (for example, a DNS attack).

NAT hole punch

Is your network filtered and you cannot open ports on the firewall? This can happen if you are on a university campus, office, airport or almost anywhere. Onion services do not need to open ports because they pass through NAT. They only establish outgoing connections.


Tor makes your connection to Liverado anonymous because no one is able to see the actual IP address when you use Liverado.


Tor can help with the accessibility of Liverado. If Liverado is blocked in your country/region, you can visit Liverado by visiting our onion website.

Disadvantages of using Tor

Besides the advantages, Tor does have some disadvantages:

Slower connection

Connections are generally much slower than standard internet connections.


Liverado's onion site is still considered experimental, so its reliability may not be as high as our standard site. Since our onion website is still in the experimental stage, we have not yet made any suggestions regarding the use of Liverado's onion website.

Liverado's onion website technical details

The onion site version 1 (V1) address is a 16-character encryption key hash, which usually looks like this: 8enskkllhff52v5u7fei76b.onion.

Liverado onion site uses version 3 (V3) onion address with 56 characters instead of 16 (because they contain the complete ed25519 public key, not just the hash value of the public key).

After spending a lot of CPU capacity, the final result is the following address, which is more resistant to phishing:


We recommend you store this URL.

In order to ensure that you are visiting Liverado's official onion website, not some phishing sites. Please make sure that the onion website address is correct.

What's the next step?

We will work on additional security and privacy enhancements and pay more attention to making our service more censorship-resistant. And provide our user community with the tools needed to connect to Liverado safely, even from a compromised location.


Even if you don't use Tor, your Liverado account is still strongly protected by end-to-end encryption , secure authentication (SRP), and optional two-factor authentication.

However, there are definitely users in sensitive situations. The additional security and anonymity provided by Tor are critical for them.

You can find a simplified and condensed version of all of these on the following webpage we created to provide a summary of Liverado's Tor support:

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