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Blog Tips for keeping your account anonymous

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As the Covid-19 pandemic raged in 2020, technologists are scrambling to build apps for contact tracing. But little is known about how these apps affect society. Few people care how these programs collect, share and use personal data. Are there policies in place to prevent the abuse of personal data?

These concerns were raised according to MIT Technology Review. It also pointed out that some apps collected unnecessary personal data.

Suppose you don't want to be tracked all the time and don't want to have your online activity censored by third parties collecting your data. You can regain your privacy and control by signing up for an anonymous email account.

Security email tips

Email is a standard and popular online communication method, especially for businesses. But it's less and less private.

Today, you can never be sure if someone watches and intercepts your confidential communications. Primarily if you use Gmail and other similar popular email service providers, these businesses do these regularly.

You might not believe that these hundreds of millions of dollar companies have access to your data. Or you feel like there is nothing you can do about the situation.

Let's learn some anonymous email account tips to give you back control of your email account privacy and security.

Use encrypted email service

End-to-end encrypted email is the best way to protect your email from hackers and mass surveillance. Encryption keeps your emails private by processing your messages and making them impossible to read without the correct decryption key.

You don't need to encrypt every email you send. However, anything containing sensitive or private information, like your bank account or credit card number, must be encrypted.

Use multi-factor authentication

Strong passwords are often essential to keeping your online accounts safe. But that's not enough. Today, even the most robust password you can think of isn't enough to stop a determined hacker from breaking into your account.

That's why you need to put an extra layer in front of them with multi-factor authentication.

With multi-factor authentication enabled, hackers won't be able to steal your email account with just your password. Instead, when they try to log in, they will need another piece of information, such as a one-time code or verification on another device. Since they have little access to this information, they will not be able to access your account.

Protect your attachments

Sometimes you have to send documents by email. This is easy to do by clicking the attachment button in the email. However, if the attachment contains confidential data, it could fall into the wrong hands. To prevent this from happening, you need to protect your attachments with encryption.

Separate your personal and business emails

According to Radicati Email Statistics Report, ordinary users had 1.8 email accounts in 2018. Today, that number could be two or more.

Now, you might be thinking, why do I need two accounts.

Well, it's a good idea to keep your private account separate from your business account. Both contain sensitive, confidential and privately identifying information about you, your family, your company and many other things. So why keep this information in one place for cyber attackers to steal it?

Use anonymous email accounts to make your IP address untraceable

There is a backlash against Facebook, Twitter social media networks. Many are turning to alternatives like Reddit, which give them more anonymity and greater freedom to express their opinions.

Even though you don't have to use your name to open a Gmail account, you can do so under a pseudonym. But that doesn't mean no one can track you. Every email you send includes your IP address, where you can be found.

However, some anonymous email account providers, including Liverado, hide your real IP and replace it with their own. So even if someone looked, they would see the provider's IP.

Delete the email immediately

Say after you sent a sensitive email, now you need to delete it. So what would you do?

It's easy. You just click the checkbox next to the email, look at the row of icons that just appeared at the top, and click the trash can.

Has the problem been solved? You'll see that the email may have disappeared from your inbox. But in fact, this email is still stored on a server somewhere. Email providers must often keep these records for several months before permanently deleting your data.

However, this is not the case with every provider. You just need to find one that lets you delete your emails immediately. Liverado email service allows you to delete your data as it should be.

Anonymous payment

Having a free anonymous email account is the first step to restoring your online privacy. That means better security.

In most cases, yes, but you must also consider the payment system. Your payment can easily be traced back to you if it's not anonymous. Many anonymous email providers don't have a truly anonymous payment option, like at least Bitcoin or the more private cryptocurrency Monero.


There are many factors to consider if you want a secure and anonymous email account. Even you need to be an IT security expert.

Liverado makes it easy for you. You don't need to provide your name or verify your phone number. Just a few clicks to sign up for Liverado an anonymous email account. You can start to take back your online privacy.


Q: Can you hide your email address when sending emails?

A: If you want to send emails without revealing your email address, you can:

  1. Start composing your email.
  2. Click Add Bcc below the To field to insert the Bcc field (BCC stands for "Blind Carbon Copy".)
  3. Enter the recipient's email address in the Bcc field.
  4. Enter your message and enter a subject.
  5. Click Send.

Q: Can I create an anonymous email account?

A: Yes, you can create an anonymous account in seconds. In fact, tons of free and paid anonymous email services are available, such as Liverado, ProtonMail, Tutanota, Guerrilla Mail, and more.

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