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Liverado is entirely self-funded. We have the most secure email services based on an analysis of security features. The prices of our services reflect the services we provide to our users.

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Why should I use a paid mail service?

If someone offers you a product for free, think twice before you decide to use it.

Roger W Hancock said:

Nothing is ever free, though to you it be. Somewhere, somehow, someone paid.

While there are plenty of free email providers on the market that offer free email, you're probably using one of them. Have you ever thought about why it is free?

Gmail and Yahoo provide free email because they profit from collecting and selling your personal information.

In fact, it costs money to provide and maintain an encrypted email service. Liverado charges subscription fees because we do not sell user data. It also costs money to maintain code and servers.

We have the most secure email services based on an analysis of security features. The prices of our services reflect the services we provide to our users.

Liverado is entirely self-funded

If any third party has financial control over Liverado, we may be forced to remove anonymous registrations or open a backdoor. We must also comply with their explicit requirements.

Multinational corporations want a return on investment. Your data is valuable because they can access and read your data anytime, sell it, or share it with any third parties (such as advertising companies).

Currently, Liverado may be the only self-funded encrypted email service in the market.

Some may want an email service backed by global corporations or governments because they want the sense of security it can provide. An email service backed by a Government is generally cheaper because it receives investment to reduce subscription costs to increase the total number of users. If you want lower prices and the security of a government-backed email service, then Liverado isn't for you.

You can try Tutanota, the EU funds, or ProtonMail which is funded by FONGIT, backed by the Swiss government, the EU, and a billion-dollar global company called CRV.

Our services cost more because our operations depend entirely on our users' contributions.

It's best to review your needs and choose the email service that works best for you. It might not be Liverado. You may decide between saving money or protecting your data privacy before subscribing to a service to choose the one that suits you well.

We do not reuse existing open source webmail code

Some email services use open-source code from Rainloop or Mailpile. These email services use other people's codes to jumpstart their services.

It's nothing wrong with that, but we want to make sure our service is designed by us from the ground up. This ensures our concept of privacy by design is fully implemented.

Our security experts created the Liverado source code from scratch. This provides better security and an improved user experience. We can't compete with companies that rebrand open-source code as themselves.

That's why Liverado is more expensive than email services using free resource codes.

We do not use a VPS cluster

Your data is kept on Swiss servers, providing the best location in the world for your data.

Because we use physical servers in Switzerland, we can't use cheap cloud storage to keep the price down. We believe this is necessary so our users can determine which laws apply to their data.

Learn more about the protection offered by Switzerland.

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