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Blog Master the art of anonymous email addresses

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Email is a very convenient and straightforward way to communicate. You compose a message and send it, and the recipient gets your message almost instantly (even if they're on the other side of the world). Few communication methods are as fast as email in the market.

But email has its downsides. One of the biggest is that it can reveal information about you to third parties without your concern.

If you're using Gmail and don't care much about privacy, then you're probably not interested in this article.

But if you want to protect your digital identity, you need to send and receive an anonymous email. This article may provide you with some helpful information.

Why do you need an anonymous email account?

Anonymous emails are emails that do not contain personal information and cannot be traced back to you. You may need to use anonymous email for several reasons:

Avoid spam. You probably send and receive emails every day. However, a lot of what you receive is spam.

Prevent phishing. According to Small Business Trends, 1 out of every 99 emails contains a phishing attack. Phishing is one of the main reasons why businesses lose millions of dollars to cyberattacks.

You want to report corruption anonymously without revealing your identity.

Your profession requires you to communicate anonymously. For example, you are a lawyer or a journalist. You do not want any third parties to know the content of your communications.

For whatever reason, creating an anonymous email account is a good idea. Because anonymous email is not only suitable for the above situations, the most important thing is that it can protect your data and privacy. Suppose an email containing sensitive information about yourself, your family, an organization, or a client is sent over an insecure channel. If someone intercepts your conversation, you're in trouble.

Many people use anonymous emails just do not want to share their data with companies like Google.

That's why you should send anonymous emails to keep your privacy intact and not reveal any sensitive information.

Facts about Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo anonymous email settings

Although, you can set up an anonymous email account using Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or Yahoo. The problem is, it takes a lot of your time. Also, they are not 100% safe and anonymous.

For example, you can create an account on Gmail with a fake username. But Google will ask for your phone number because it wants to send SMS messages and verify that you're not a bot.

You can use a burner phone or an online SMS service such as Receive SMS. But even with these precautions, you are still not completely anonymous. Since your IP address is not hidden, Gmail and your ISP will know your location and identity.

Suppose you use a VPN to hide your IP address. VPN virtual private network software encrypts your data before reaching your ISP or Google. This way, the data goes through the VPN first and then to the destination. Google will see the VPN's IP instead of yours.

Also, please consider the jurisdiction of the VPN. They are still obliged to provide information if requested by the court. The VPN may provide its retention logs or payment records, and any third party can use identifying information to find you.

Mail services like Gmail are not designed to provide privacy and anonymity. Instead, Google wants to get as much data from users as possible. So it's not safe to set up an anonymous email account with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo.

Anonymous email without registration

Send a one-time anonymous email

Suppose you need to send an anonymous email and don't need the recipient to reply. In that case, the following two websites may be used for quick, anonymous email without any registration:

It is important to note that the reputation of such sites is normally low. Your emails are likely to be direct to your recipients' spam folders.

Receive one-time anonymous emails

If you want an email to receive a confirmation link, you can use the following websites:

You'll need to take extra steps (using a VPN or Tor) to hide your browsing and remain anonymous, as your ISP sees traffic to these sites based on your IP.

Anonymous Email Account Provider

Using Gmail to create an anonymous email address isn't anonymous. One-time anonymous emails cannot meet the needs of sending or receiving anonymously multiple times. Then using an anonymous email account provider would be a better solution.

Anonymous email services are as follows:

  • Liverado
  • ProtonMail
  • Tutanota
  • GuerillaMail
  • Hushmail

So far, these mail providers seem to be able to meet your needs very well. However, as we show in our email comparison table, not all email providers offer the same functionality.

Some email providers log users' IP addresses so that ISPs can track them. Although you can use a VPN, doing so is risky as some VPNs also log your IP.

In addition, if a service provider's server is located in a 14-eye country. It has a higher chance of handing over the data.

Liverado is registered and operated in Singapore. Liverado's servers are located in Switzerland. These two places have the best personal privacy laws and are also recognized as neutral countries worldwide.

How to choose an anonymous mail provider

Choosing an anonymous email provider is an important decision. You need to double-check the features of your anonymous email provider.

The following are Liverado's security features:

  1. Javascript protection.
  2. Self-destructing emails.
  3. Dead-man switch.
  4. Anti-phishing protection.
  5. Brute-force attack protection.
  6. Cryptocurrency payments (Monero, Bitcoin, etc.)
  7. Zero access encryption.
  8. End-to-end encryption (data in transit and at rest)
  9. ECC (curve25519 or better) encryption (using ProtonMail's OpenPGPjs library).
  10. Tor onion website.

Learn more here.

An anonymous email address is necessary if you want to maintain your privacy.

If you want to keep your identity private when sending emails, Sign Up Liverado today, and you can start to enjoy all the features in the account.

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