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Blog Liverado relies on OpenPGP.js for encryption in the browser

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Liverado relies on OpenPGPjs for encryption in the browser.

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OpenPGP.js is a method of encrypting email content which is battle-tested, independently audited and extensively peer-reviewed.

Liverado uses OpenPGP.js to encrypt emails. On behalf of the Liverado community, we wish to thank OpenPGP.js's previous maintainer Tankred Hase and its current maintainer ProtonMail. Their maintenance work of the OpenPGP.js code impacts and benefits everyone committed to internet privacy and security.

Both Tankred Hase and ProtonMail have spent significant time and resources to maintain OpenPGP.js, but they make it freely available to everyone to utilise. We are grateful for their contributions.

Liverado offers secure and encrypted email services for people seeking a specific set of security and protection. We hope and believe Liverado can exist with other providers in this ecosystem. We encourage our current and potential users to review alternatives and choose the email service that best suits their needs.

We have published a comparison table. You can compare the security specs of other email providers (such as ProtonMail, Tutanota, Gmail, etc.) with Liverado's.

If you decide to use Liverado secure email services, we hope it is an informed decision after reviewing all the facts.

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