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The invention of the Internet benefits people. But at the same time, personal data becomes more vulnerable to abuse and theft. Personal privacy is about everyone's interests and safety. Ensuring your online data is adequately protected is even more critical and urgent.

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Liverado is one of the most secure email services, packed with great features. This article will show you Liverad's advantages.

End-to-end encryption

We support encrypted emails that follow different protocols. It allows you to send end-to-end messages with both Liverado and non-Liverado users.

Liverado is one of the few secure email services that actively works to maximize the encryption of your metadata.

Zero knowledge, zero access

Liverado supports zero access encryption, ensuring only you and your recipients can access and read your messages.

  • Singapore has no specific data retention laws. There is also no period in PDPA specified for data retention.

When you press "Delete" in Liverado, your data is immediately deleted.

Learn more here.

  • We do not sell your data to advertisers or share it with third parties. But we must hand over your encrypted data when receiving an order from a Singapore court.

Please read Liverado transparency report for more information.


  • Zero logging policy. We do not record your IP address. Learn more here.

  • Singapore law does not require Liverador users to provide any identifiable personal data (such as ID, phone number, email address, etc.) when registering.

Anonymous registration is entirely legal. Learn more about account creation.

Other advantages

  • Liverado is owned by the project creators, not any global companies or venture capitals.

At the time, the development of the project was entirely self-financing.

Our operational costs are 100% covered by users' paid memberships.

  • No backdoors.

If a service that offers end-to-end encryption can decrypt your email and give it to anyone who asks, they're worthless.

Please check our source code at github.

Currently, the front-end code is released to the public. Welcome to make any contribution to the project.

We also plan to release the back-end code, which no encrypted email service provider has done before.

  • We set up Liverado in Singapore. The country has highly developed internet facilities, natruality and strong privacy laws favouring users.

  • Swiss servers. Using Swiss servers adds an extra layer of protection for users' data. The country is famous for its long-standing naturality and robust data privacy laws.

Your privacy is your fortress. Make sure you get the privacy protection that meets your needs. People who want the highest level of protection should not buy discounted services.

Sign up now. With only $2 a month, your messages will be end-to-end encrypted.

Your data will be only accessible to you and your recipients. It is both safe in transit and at rest.

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