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If you are experiencing harassment or any other unlawful behaviour from any of our users, please make a new abuse report and include as many details for evidence as possible so we can help deactivate their account.

How to report abuse?

Liverado user

If you are a Liverado user, please go to the help centre to submit a support form or contact us at

Please forward the relevant abuse evidence (such as the spam you received) to us.

Non-Liverado user

If you want to report the abuse of the email address from our domain name (, contact us at

Please forward the relevant abuse evidence (such as the spam you received) to us.

Report an email address of other email providers

You can find the contacts on

Why is your account disabled?

The following situations may cause your account to be disabled:

  • Your email address shares common characteristics with the fraudulent account

Your registered email address shares common characteristics with the fraudulent account. For example, an account with "liverado-info" in the display name may be disabled because it impersonates an official company contact.

We will also combine many other parameters to identify fraudulent accounts. However, we will not and cannot scan your end-to-end encrypted messages.

  • Someone reported your email address

If we receive a report about your account, our team will review the reports. It will take a few days for us to make the decision for the next step.

  • Violation of Liverado Terms of Service

We will disable any account that violates our Terms of Service.

  • Anti-abuse system automatically disables the account

Sometimes, legitimate accounts may be disabled by the system. It may happen soon after the account is created, which means our anti-abuse system will automatically disable it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us at to unlock your account.

  • We receive multiple reports about the same account

In these cases, we need to quickly block accounts before spammers use accounts to harass or deceive other users.

  • Use a fraudulent payment method

If a payment method is fraudulent (e.g. someone uses a stolen credit card to make the payment), the account will also be disabled.

  • Outstanding payments

When you owe fees, your account will be automatically disabled.

  • Dispute the payment

If you do not recognize our charges and dispute the payment with your financial institution, your account will be disabled.

Restrictions to spammers

Liverado has restrictions on emails per account. It is necessary to protect our email service from spammers. Allowing spammers to abuse Liverado service will harm all users because the Liverado domain may end up in the email spam list. So we must block spammers abuse our service under any circumstances.

The numbers of outgoing emails exceed the daily limit

Suppose you receive a notification (about exceeding the daily limit) from us. In that case, our anti-spam protection methods have temporarily prevented your account from sending new emails. Please try again tomorrow.

If you need to send more emails, please upgrade your account in the membership section in Settings.

Be aware that Liverado cannot be used to send large amounts of mail (such as newsletters) in a short period. Please read our Terms and Service for details. For this, all our memberships have limitations.

You haven't received the confirmation email

Newly created email addresses are sometimes put on hold for 48 hours to prevent abuse. Please do not share your email address or use your new email address to register on another website until this block is automatically lifted.

If you have not received the confirmation email after 48 hours, please contact us at, or submit a form in the help centre.

Tips for preventing account suspension

  • Ensure your email looks legitimate and will not be mistaken for spam by the recipient.

  • Avoid sending many emails at once. Please refer to the Terms of Service.

  • Keep your payment method up-to-date, and ensure your account does not have any outstanding bills.

Your account improperly disabled

Scammers and criminals can sometimes abuse Liverado. So we use algorithms that scan behaviour indicators and anonymous usage data to automatically identify and quickly disable abuse and fraudulent accounts. That's why we sometimes use manual verification checks.

These methods are not foolproof, and in rare cases, false alarms will occur.

How to unlock your account?

If you did not violate our Terms of Service, we would review and restore your account, and you will regain access to all emails.

If you believe that your account has been improperly disabled, please get in touch with us through the help centre or email us at

If you wish to know privacy and security news about us, follow the Liverado social media and blog for the latest releases.

Liverado is an open-source project. To know more about this project or make your contribution, visit our Github page.

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