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We're passionate about keeping your data encrypted and protected from the major threat models.

The Liverado company motto.

On a mission to protect privacy

We appreciate privacy as a fundamental human right and believe the power of technology can protect your privacy and digital identity. That's why we are working around the clock to create a platform that preserves privacy and secures email communications. With Liverado, your data remains safe, even in a cyberattack.

Liverado, registered as Liverado Pte. Ltd., is a company incorporated in Singapore and operated by a multicultural team. In 2020, Liverado started developing a secure email service that is easy to use and protects your privacy by design. We are committed to protecting your mailbox from mass surveillance, malware, spam, and phishing attacks with the best email protection and the latest technologies, including end-to-end encryption and the most advanced security features.

The service is protected by the strongest privacy laws in the world, archived by partnering the Singaporean company with a Swiss data centre. The users' data and operational infrastructure are permanently located in Switzerland.

Liverado is one of the few email providers that allow you to delete data through normal service interactions upon your request. As anyone would expect, we simply delete your data instantly when you decide.

This advantage applies to our zero logs policy too. We passively reduce your metadata and logging information to the minimum technically required, aiming to prevent unintentional data leaks from our customers. Your IP address is always protected and hidden when using our services.

Liverado project development is entirely self-financed. Currently, our operation is entirely supported by paid users. The service is ad-free and never performs big data analysis. Therefore, your identities and communications are never processed by artificial intelligence in our systems nor shared with third parties.

Now, we are standing firm in defending your online privacy and security for a bright future.

The story behind our name

"Liverado" is a word in the Esperanto language. The accepted meanings are "Delivery" and "Supply". The name is derived from the Latin word "Liver", which means "blood", and "Vado", which means "to go".

Esperanto is the most widely used international auxiliary language in the world, created in 1887 by Polish ophthalmologist L. L. Zamenhof. It is the only language whose mother tongue is its mother tongue. It aims to become a universal second language for international communication.

The word "Esperanto" is translated into English as "one who hopes"; people who speak Esperanto are usually called "Esperantos". Although no country officially adopts Esperanto, Esperantujo is used as the name of a collection of places where Esperanto is spoken.

Liverado teammates are the people with hope. We hope to deliver every message with our world-class service. We hope everyone can enjoy privacy as a fundamental human right.

Who is using Liverado?

Email encryption allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Liverado is developed to protect people, including:

  • Companies and businesses
  • Computer scientists
  • Cryptocurrency holders
  • Digital nomads and freelancers
  • Freedom fighters
  • Human-rights advocates
  • Inventors and creatives
  • Journalists
  • Lawyers
  • Marginalised groups and minorities
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Companies and businesses
  • Privacy-conscious individuals
  • You and your beloved ones

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