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The Technology You Need To Protect Your Data

Email is at the centre of all your online activities. Our premium technology built with state-of-the-art algorithms is all you need to start securing your emails.

Anonymous Use & Payment

Enjoy zero-logging. We don't record and monitor your personal information. Access from the Tor network and pay with cryptocurrency for complete anonymity.

Data Centre & Privacy Laws

Get protected by the strongest data privacy laws in the world with a Swiss-based data centre.

End-To-End Encrypted

Mathematically entrusted by the most robust encryption algorithms, your data is only tunnelled between you and your contacts.

Open-Source Algorithms

We use secure implementations of AES, RSA, ECC, and OpenPGP. Known, time-tested and trusted encryption algorithms only.

Universal Compatibility

You can connect to the Liverado encrypted email service from any email app and communicate encrypted with users of other secure email providers.

Zero-Knowledge, Zero Access

Receive encrypted emails from the server and decrypt them on your devices. The decryption password is never sent over the network and nobody can steal it. Not even us!

Privacy is a social and cultural good.

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